SOS Math Review

by Stephanie Novak
(New Richmond ,Ohio ,USA)

SOS Math Review

SOS Math Review

I really like SOS math curriculum and placement testing.

I have been using SOS placement testing for two years now and it has been a big help to get my kids on track. We unschooled for several years and now as we hit the upper grades there are some skills my children really know and others they missed somewhere. With the SOS placement test you can see which sections of each grade your child needs to learn and set the program grade cd to just those lessons. This keeps the kids from missing crucial information and from repeating things they already know.

You can find the placement test on Ebay for a very low price.

SOS math has been a great program for my kids. We have used third, fourth and seventh grade math. I really like that the program keeps track of the students progress and has built in teaching aids.

Just like any program it is not designed to replace hands on help. It does however give the student the independence to work on learning each section on their own first. If my children struggle with an area I then supplement the curriculum with one on one help and worksheets on that subject.

I think the SOS curriculum can be affordable if you are willing to use older editions or buy used on Ebay.

Thanks for the SOS math review, Stephanie! Your thoughts are helpful and appreciated. Thanks also, for sharing your experience with the SOS math placement tests, and including some helpful money-saving tips (we love those!). Blessings, Heather :)

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