SOS Curriculum

by Karen
(Friendswood TX USA)

SOS Curriculum

SOS Curriculum

Determined mom takes control of her struggling son's education. With SOS curriculum and a customized plan, he's enjoying success; read her story...

I thoroughly love the SOS curriculum. (Currently, we are using Bible, Science, and History) It's very easy to use for both Parent/Teacher and student. I have a 7th grader and we decided to do this homeschooling thing six weeks into the school year. My child had a very bad 6th grade year and after many, many, IEP's (from 3rd up) and several things put in place for him for testing, etc. it just didn't work out. Let's just face it, middle school years are the worst.

If you have ADHD and on the Autistic Spectrum no one knows how to handle meltdowns, etc., and it is a disruption to the rest of the class. The public school system just puts the basic out there for accommodations but it just wasn't enough. So we decided to put him in a smaller private bible-based school.

We were up front and honest with the principal ahead of time and met with him on several occasions. The plus side was there was no changing classes, no loud noises in the great hall, and above all, the class was a little smaller from 23 to 17 students. However, the meltdowns started to happen again, except this was a much smaller school and there was no nurse or aids to help with the situation. After being suspended and expelled, we had a choice to homeschool or find another private school. Tuition was a considering factor as well.

After speaking with therapists, counselors, and our pastor, and much, much prayer we decided to give homeschooling a try. We were given a name of a
local homeschool bookstore/school. He takes one class a week for 1.5 hrs and has a B in it so far. I couldn't be more proud on how far he has turned around. I teach the math out of the book he was using at the private school and he is excelling fast. The rest is taught on the SOS program.

We had a little rough start of it but I think we have a pretty good routine down now. The down side is I am pulling from three sources to do report cards. So next year I will add the Math to the SOS curriculum. My son loves this English teacher at the homeschool place, so we will continue to do English with her.

What a wonderful testimony for SOS curriculum, as well as for homeschooling, in general. Sometimes all our struggling students need is one-on-one instruction, a positive, non-distracting learning environment, and a loving parent who knows them best, believes in them, and is willing to do anything to help them to succeed. Kudos to you, Karen! I love that you have put together a custom homeschooling experience for your son. You have chosen SOS curriculum for some subjects, but also included other options in the areas where your son needs a different type of instruction, or more one-on-one teacher time. Next year, even if you decide SOS isn't the solution for math, you can always change; that's the beauty of homeschooling. :) Enjoy your first year of homeschooling, and thanks for sharing why you chose SOS; your thoughts are helpful and appreciated! Blessings, Heather :)

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