SOS Curriculum For Dyslexic, Talkative, Active Kids

by Marty
(North Carolina)

SOS Curriculum for Successful Homeschooling

SOS Curriculum for Successful Homeschooling

Do you homeschool an active, talkative, dyslexic kid? Completing lessons used to be a chore for this family, until SOS curriculum saved the day; now they're done in record time!

We've been using SOS curriculum (Switched-On Schoolhouse) for three years, 6th thru 8th grade, with three kids, ages 14, 12, and 12. We use the language for my girls, and science and history for all three kids.

I wasn't sure how it would work for my mildly dyslexic and very talkative son (12), but he understands the text read-aloud even though it is a computerized voice (a younger child might have problems, as it occasionally mispronounces), and I read the questions out loud and he answers them. If he can't find the answer, I tell him which paragraph, and he "re-reads" it.

We have two computers, side-by-side, so he can have his own to click, scroll, and move the text without me having to try to read the ever-moving screen! :) I also use mine to access the girls lessons as they work, helping them occasionally.

We were having my son do his work with me on MY computer, but if HE sat at the computer, that didn't work for me, since I needed to click back and forth between his and the girls' lessons, and if I sat at the computer, he had no "action" to do! So we moved another computer in here, and it's great; he has his own!

Having him do the click-to-read himself, click on the videos, tiny tutors, etc., then also type in his own answers, has eliminated the moving around, not listening, and thinking of an off-topic to discuss. Now we are done homeschooling in about a third of the time it was taking to do the lessons, when I taught them myself.

We do have discussion beforehand, sort of an 'overview' of the lesson. This greatly helps understanding the text. His having something productive to do with his hands was the key; this will also "wean" him from all the dependency.

His sisters are doing well with SOS curriculum also. They take notes as they study the lesson, and when quiz time comes, it's not nearly as hard as it was the first year I used it. My son does some notes as well, and drawings.

Some people don't like all the quizzes, but I think having them more often, with less to study at a time, is much better.

Yay for Switched-on Schoolhouse! I'm so glad you shared what's working for you and your son. Your SOS curriculum review is so helpful. Thanks, Heather :)

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Feb 10, 2010
ds 12 doing better in reading =)
by: Marty in NC

I no longer read the questions to him! He's reading much better now, and if he can't read it, he highlights and uses NaturalReader Software (free online download).

Occasionally if he doesn't understand the question, how it's worded or something, I'll read and explain it to him, but he's doing much, much better. =)

Yay for SOS!

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