Sonlight Review: Core B with Language Arts 2 and Science B

by Minh Porter
(Wichita, KS, USA)

Tired of homeschooling textbooks and worksheets? So was this mom! Check out her Sonlight review to learn more about this literature based homeschool curriculum.

After trying several curriculum kits (Abeka, Bob Jones) and even resorting to creating our own curriculum, I finally stumbled upon Sonlight at our local homeschooling convention. The concept of using the curriculum was difficult to grasp at first, but since there was an 18-week money back guarantee, I thought what did I have to lose? So, I placed the order, and the Sonlight box arrived promptly thereafter.

I have never seen such a large box of curriculum. Wow! My daughter was so excited when we opened the box and saw all of the wonderful books for the upcoming school year. She wanted to start right away and couldn't stop picking up the books for a sneak preview! I knew right away that we were off to a great start. No more typical textbook and worksheets. This was going to be a great year filled with wonderful literature and lasting memories.

The lesson plans are so well-organized into 36 weeks with tabs for each week. Each week's plans are summarized in a spreadsheet format itemizing the resources being used daily for each subject, page numbers covered, and included maps and activity
sheets. Details for each day accompany the summary. Most of the supplies for the science experiments are included in the science kits. Any typical household items required are noted in the previous week's lesson plans to enable you to prepare a shopping list, if necessary, for the following week.

We are on our sixth week, and our daughter loves Sonlight, and so do I. It has made our school year so easy and enjoyable for the both of us. I no longer have to wake up early and find supplementary material and print assignments or run around looking for supplies for projects. Our daughter loves the activities we've been doing and the wonderful literature we've been reading.

This curriculum has truly been a blessing for us. I would recommend it highly to any homeschooling family who has tried traditional curriculum and discovered that it didn't work out for them.

Thank you so much for the well-written and informative Sonlight review, Minh! Your insight will be helpful to parents considering the Core B kit or Sonlight in general. Enjoy your year! Blessings, Heather :)

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