Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum is Awesome!

by Kelly Burgess
(Virginia Beach, VA)

Sonlight Homeschool Benefits and Savings

Sonlight Homeschool Benefits and Savings

Homeschooling mom shares what she loves about Sonlight homeschool curriculum, how it benefits her family and some money and time-saving buying tips.

Why do I use Sonlight?
I can't say enough good things about the quality and content of the books we read with Sonlight curriculum. I can't imagine stumbling upon most of them on my own, but 99% of them are ones I can't wait to read again with the next child! I find myself laughing, crying, and truly sad the books are over. And through them history literally comes alive for me and my children. I have learned so much more from Sonlight's literary selections about history than I ever remember learning in public school. It's so much more interesting than a boring textbook, and it has a way of sticking with you. And even for my son, who has ADHD, this is a curriculum that works.

How long have I used it?
We're finishing up our 6th year using Sonlight.

What grades have I used it for?
I've used Cores PK 3/4, PK 4/5, K, 1, 2, 3, and 4.

What do I like most about it?
I love the interesting stories that are truly engaging. I love the way history comes alive and you feel as though you are there yourself, living in the moment.

Is it affordable? Why?
It seems expensive at first, but it's totally affordable when you consider that it's not consumable, so you can either re-sell it for a substantial portion of what you paid for it, or you can save it to use with your younger children.

For instance, I have 3 children, and I only have to buy each Core once for the oldest child, and then I store them for use with the other two as they reach that grade. So when you consider the cost divided by 3, it's pretty cheap! Plus I can sell it when I'm done with it.

The material really doesn't become outdated, and when they make changes to the
cores over the years, you can purchase an updated Instructor's Guide for half price and only the books that have been added. That's really wonderful. Plus, none of the books are textbooks, so you have to consider that they are just regular books that anyone might want, so you could sell them individually, too, and not necessarily together as a curriculum.

Do I have any cost-cutting tips when using this curriculum?
I once tried to piece it together myself instead of ordering it all from Sonlight, and for all my nights of watching auctions and waiting for late deliveries from other sources, I only ended up saving $89, and many of my books were used. So I decided right then that my time was worth more than that, and I have purchased directly from Sonlight ever since. Plus, you get 10% off everything you order and free shipping for a year when you order a complete Core directly from Sonlight. So I definitely recommend doing that.

Now that I'm an heirloom member (having purchased 5 or more complete cores), I get free shipping for life on any order size plus 10% off. That's a great savings for me because I can order odd things throughout the year as I please and not have to worry about meeting a minimum dollar amount for free shipping. The one thing I do tend to order elsewhere is some of the Usborne Science books. That's because they are pricey, and they are usually much cheaper at Amazon, and I can get free shipping on $25 book order from there, so those are the ones I consider getting elsewhere.

Kelly, awesome review! I love your Sonlight "insider shopping secrets" too. It is so true... we devalue our time and often waste so much of it trying to save a buck... thanks for sharing your experience and your practical reminder: our time is valuable!

Wondering if Sonlight is right for you? Here are 13... okay, 27 reasons why parents love Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum. Enjoy!

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Jan 28, 2009
excellent review
by: Anonymous

thanks for the great review Kelly...I couldn't agree more...once you read the books you NEVER forget them. And I'll never forget how sad my kids were when Dr. Dolittle left some of his animal friends behind in Africa! It was the neatest thing to see them so involved in a book!

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