Sonlight Core B & C

by Erin
(Vero Beach, FL, USA)

Homeschooling mom shares her experience with Sonlight Core B & C: Intro to World History (1 yr), as well as some money-saving tips; read her review...

Sonlight Core B & C curriculum is intended for ages 7-9, or grades 2-4 and includes bible study, language arts, reading and history. This course was my first introduction in using this curriculum and we loved certain parts of it. We have continued to use bits of Sonlight curriculum and reference the sight for ideas often.

I think what the kids and I liked so much about this was that the history and reading were combined. You had the separate resources for history (i.e. Usborne Encyclopedia of History) but then you got a chance to read fiction and non-fiction books that were congruent with what was being taught, and it counted for reading/LA! The books made the history aspect more interesting and reinforced information for the kids. I will admit that we found some books to be boring and drag but the local library helped in this situation. Other pros were that it was very age/grade level appropriate and for the most part kept the kids engaged.

With that said there were things we didn't like that we had to work around. The price is a big one if anyone is familiar with this company. The quoted price (upwards of more than $500) only includes the subjects mentioned above. So where's the math? science? art? or any other subject you might want to have? Not
included. My children are close enough in age that I was able to combine the curriculum for them for a while. But as one is in middle and the other high school and one in now joining in at elementary level, it is no longer applicable.

A solution for pricing that I have used: buying as much as possible used. The work books/consumables are updated every so often, but the basic premise stays the same. If you can't find the consumable part used, new isn't too bad. The reference books and reading books they use however are so much cheaper if you go to EBay, Amazon,, craigslist (not as reliable), and yahoo home school groups. We also found that some of the language arts was a bit boring and have since learned to supplement.

I credit our first homeschooling success to Sonlight because so much of the curriculum was what we needed when we first began. As we have grown and needs have changed we have learned to use Sonlight as a resource for interesting reading books or reference books that we can include in our schooling.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write an informative and helpful review of Sonlight Core B & C world history curriculum. Your suggestions and advice are appreciated, as well as your money-saving tips! Blessings,

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