Sonlight Core B and Saxon Math Homeschool Review

by Maria Nelson
(Mapleton, IL, US)

Sonlight and Saxon Math Homeschool Success

Sonlight and Saxon Math Homeschool Success

Mother of triplets shares a helpful Sonlight and Saxon Math homeschool review as well as some great money-saving tips...

I am a mother of triplets. They are 8 yrs. old and in the second grade. (We've been homeschooling for 2yrs now) I chose Sonlight homeschooling curriculum based on a recommendation from a friend whom is also a homeschool mom.

Sonlight has been great for our family. The children love the books that are included in the prepackaged plans and I love the instructors guides that are all laid out for me. I have little to no preparation to worry about. The math course we chose is Saxon Math. This too is excellent for a parent who has never taught before. The daily lesson plan is scripted helping a new homeschool mom or dad, teach the class. The math is easy to follow and because it constantly reviews what has been previously taught the children excel without much need for going back to re-teach a lesson. One of my son's finds it boring so I may have to incorporate a different math curriculum for him.

Although Saxon Math is expensive, I have had success in purchasing the teachers guide and the workbooks on ebay for way less.

I have found the Sonlight curriculum to be affordable in that they offer payment plans. As of yet I have not had to use this plan because we
plan our next school years curriculum in January so that when taxes come I can pay for the package in full. I also omit some books in the readers/read alouds in the package because I can borrow them at my library for free.

Maria, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to help other parents learn more about Sonlight and Saxon curriculum through your Sonlight and Saxon Math homeschool review. Your thoughts are very helpful AND I love your money-saving tips. Thanks for also including a picture of your homeschool room – very nice work area! Blessings, Heather :)

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Sonlight Homeschool Savings
You can download three weeks of any Sonlight teacher's manual to try Sonlight before you buy. This is a wonderful opportunity to see if you like this homeschool curriculum and eliminates wasting money on products that you don't like or will never use. Download some free Sonlight Samples now!

Saxon Math is a very popular homeschool math curriculum. My family has used Saxon Math for over 13 years. You can find out why I chose Saxon Math home school curriculum for our family, or read other Saxon curriculum reviews, written by other homeschooling parents, just like you and me.

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