Song School Latin Review

by Rose Catriona
(Cleveland, Oh)

Thinking about adding homeschool Latin to your schedule? Read this Song School Latin review to learn more about a fun program for children in grades K-2.

We are very classically minded in our homeschooling life, which means learning Latin. My younger children wanted to learn Latin like their older siblings, who are using Latin for Children.

My little ones are 9 and turning 7. They love learning the language and like the Song School Latin workbook, although the songs themselves can be hit or miss, depending on the tune and pitch of the singer.

They now use Latin words as much as possible in their daily speech, which is something that I am really happy about. In fact my daughter, frequently asks me "Quid agis Mater?" and is very offended when I do not reply with "Sum bene", as I typically reply "bene" and she lets me know that I left out the "sum".

My only complaint so far is the lesson introducing the phrase "what is your name?" uses the word praenomen, which technically is used to differentiate the first or given name. "Nomen" defines the last or family name, at least according to Ecce Romani and my Latin professor. I can see why Classical Academic Press used just one to define name, but for the ease of learning, perhaps using "nomen" would be easier and more appropriate for little ones.

The cost was a bit on the pricey side for the teacher's manual so I would suggest that one buy that used if one can find one in good condition. If one does know Latin, one can do without the teacher's manual, however if your child needs more practice there are pages in the back of the manual that can be copied.

All in all, I am very happy with the Song School Latin program as it is easy enough for my little ones, gives them a sense of accomplishment and a love for learning Latin.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Song School Latin, Rose! Your comments are helpful and appreciated. Blessings, Heather :)

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