So Confused About Homeschool Curriculum

by Jessica Parsons
(Prince Frederick, MD, USA)

I am just in the process of pulling my 7th grader out of public school due to bullying issues. She is currently in honors (gifted) classes. The BOE is not very helpful when it comes to curriculum for her. I am confused about what homeschool curriculum to order.

Hi Jessica,
You can choose whatever homeschool curriculum works best with you and your daughter! There are a lot of different programs you can choose from; I understand the feeling of confusion you are experiencing!

To help guide you to the perfect curriculum for your daughter, check out some curriculum choosing tips - they will give some things to think about to guide you in your decision process.

You could use the same or similar curriculum to what your daughter has been using in public school. However, curriculum that schools use may not work well in a home setting... just FYI.

Are you looking for religious or non-religious curriculum? Does your daughter enjoy learning independently? How much time do you have to devote to her lessons? Some curriculum is more heavily dependent on parent participation. Does she enjoy online or computer learning?

Another question to ask yourself... how long are you going to homeschool your daughter? If you are only going to homeschool for a year or two and will re-enroll your daughter back into public school, choosing a program that follows a similar scope and sequence as the school, will make for an easier transition in the future.

Some curriculum to consider:
Alpha Omega Publications
Oak Meadow

If you would like to find out what other parents think of the curriculum you are considering, you can find hundreds of homeschool curriculum reviews on my website.

Feel free to post your answers to the above questions, so I, or other website visitors can help you further, if needed.

Heather :)

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