Small Business Ideas for Homeschool: 
Learn and Earn

Consider some small business ideas for homeschool enrichment, additional income and experiential learning.

Homeschooling provides the perfect opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial spirit in your children.

Starting a business together, gives invaluable hands-on experience for your family to learn, earn, and work together.

You never know, a small part-time hobby could develop into a fledging family business allowing your family additional income, opportunities and freedom.

Small Business Ideas for Homeschool: Learn and Earn Together!

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The Starting Point

Finding small business ideas for homeschool families should go no further than your family's passion or hobbies.

Malcolm S. Forbes, American business leader and former publisher of Forbes Magazine, once said: "The biggest mistake people make in life is NOT making a living at doing what they enjoy most."

Personally, I wouldn't call it the BIGGEST mistake in life, but definitely a huge mistake many people make, especially when starting a business.

Take a moment and think about all the people you know who hate their job or what they do for a living.

When deciding what business idea is right for you, remember to choose something you enjoy doing.

When you love what you do, you will continue to find excitement in working at and growing your business even after the initial excitement wears off. Building a business based on your passion, provides the energy you need to find success.

Building a Business and Homeschooling

As a homeschooling parent, working at a small business venture with your kids gives them experience no textbook ever will. You will also grow together as a family. Each family member can take on certain aspects of the business that suits their personality, age and giftedness.

So what can you and your kids do together, to build a business or earn extra money?

Sell a Product

Perhaps you or your children would like to create or invent something useful and would like to resell it to others. You could make crafts, quilts, or other products and sell them via a variety of places.

Recently, I read about a homeschool student who started selling the cookies she gave as gifts during the holiday season. Everyone fell in love with them and she began receiving requests for more, which launched her home-based cookie business.

Many vendors at curriculum fairs are families who have fallen in love with certain products and have become representatives or distributors. Some of these parents speak at conferences, sharing their expertise and experience with other homeschool parents, while their children stock shelves, order products and man the cash register.

Provide a Service

Some homeschool families provide specialized services to others. Whether its designing a website, preparing taxes or babysitting infants, there are many small business ideas for homeschool families.

A homeschooling dad in my area recently lost his job. Instead of rejoining the workforce, he started his own tutoring service and now works full-time as a tutor for homeschool high school students.

He loves what he does and gets paid for it too!

Another homeschool teen I know teaches piano from her home and makes a nice part-time income with little expenses.

Other homeschool students travel to other homeschooling families homes to give private music lessons, tutor or provide help as a mother's helper, a service greatly appreciated by busy homeschool moms of multiple or young children.

Catalog Sales

Some other avenues for small business ideas for homeschool may be through mail order companies. You join their company as a distributor or representative and then can begin to take orders through catalog sales.

You drop off catalogs, collect orders and deliver or ship the products.

Avoid Quick-Rich Schemes

When looking at small business ideas for homeschool or extra income, you will definitely want to avoid any business opportunity promising instant or quick money.

Don't be fooled, building a business takes work and time.

Build an Online Business

Another option when looking at small business ideas for homeschool is building a website with your children.

Building a website or starting an online business may be the perfect solution for your homeschooling family, and you can work from home, any time, or anywhere.

Also, a website easily expands your customer base and doesn't limit your business to a geographic area.

Building a website for a new or existing business is not as hard as you may think.

Avoid New Start-up Business Failure

You do not want to build just any website, though… did you know that business experts say that only 1/3 of new start-up businesses turn a profit? And, 99% of online businesses fail?

Kind of makes you second guess if you really want to start a business on your own, right?

However, with the proper knowledge and tools, you can build a successful, money-making online business.

The Fundamental Reality of Online Behavior

Offline business is all about location, location, location. Set up shop where people crowd by, and you’re all set.

However online business works differently... no one just passes by. Instead, most people use the internet to search for information, or solutions to their problems.

If you stop and think for a moment... what's the number one reason you use the internet? You are most likely searching for... information or solutions, right?

Did you know that you can take your knowledge, expertise, experiences, interests or passion... about anything, really... and turn it into revenue for your family?

Pretty cool, huh?

Build a Content-Rich, Theme-Based Website

All of us have at least two or three things that excite us. We could talk about these subjects for hours. You know what I mean, right? Sooo...

What excites you? What are your hobbies and interests? What could you talk about for hours and NEVER get tired?

That's exactly what you want to build your website about. Yes, there is a like-minded community out there that shares the same interests as you.

Through your website content, you will drive traffic (potential customers, etc.) to your website via online searches.

It takes work, but is so simple, even your teens can do it! (Great idea for a college-savings fund!) :)

Learn more about how you or your students can take any passion, hobby, interest - any one of your small business ideas for homeschool and turn it into an income-generating website.

Small business ideas for homeschool and success...

A few years ago, I discovered how to use this simple, yet powerful way to build my online business, easily, from the comfort of my home, AND while homeschooling my kids.

I wake up early and work on my website for awhile before beginning our homeschool day. My children also work with me, editing my articles, building my pages, taking photos, researching information, or watching our younger children.

We enjoy working together, learning about business, and building something that will last.

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