Single Working Mom Needs Help Homeschooling an Active Child

by Leah
(South Carolina)

I brought my 7 year old son home from school at the end of October after I was having to spend more time at the school and talking to the teacher than I wanted. Since then I have done a lot of research and I think that he is a kinesthetic, auditory learner.

The school gave me his workbooks which I have tried to incorporate in his homeschooling experience but I am finding that isn't really helping him enjoy school again. He is very much a hands-on boy. He loves mixing things together and building. I am also trying to homeschool on a tight budget so I am trying to find as much freebies as I can. I just don't know how to homeschool his learning style so that he is getting what he needs. He does love to read and I am trying to incorporate that as much as possible. Any suggestions?

Hi Leah!
It sounds like you are on the right track with your son! I do have a couple of recommendations for you. I actually recommend this curriculum to almost every new homeschooling mom who has younger children because its so easy to use, is extremely affordable and is very hands-on. Since your son loves reading, I think it will be a good fit for both of you.

Five in a Row (also known as FIAR) is a simple homeschooling unit study curriculum that I have used with 3 out of 4 of my children, so far. Each week you read a Caldecott or Newberry-type book and all your lessons are based around that book. For example: One of the books you will read is "The Story of Ferdinand". Ferdinand is a bull who lives in Spain. During the week, you and your son will learn all about the country of Spain, bulls, bees, etc. You will also study the illustrations in the
book and will use the same technique that the illustrator uses, in your Art class, etc. Children enjoy this type of learning as all subjects connect together around the one story.

You can also purchase a character building supplement that will help your child focus on improving his character. You can also purchase a Five in a Row Cookbook supplement. If your son likes mixing and making things, he will love cooking in the kitchen with you, making some of the same recipes from the books you read together.

Used copies of Five in a Row and the supplements are pretty easy to find; FIAR has been around for many years and is popular. You can also find almost all but a couple of the books at your library. For the books we couldn't get easily or purchase cheaply, we skipped - only a couple books were hard to find because they were out of print.

A few years ago, my third daughter went through Five in a Row and we started lapbooking along with our FIAR lessons. I have an explanation of homeschool lapbooks if you aren't sure what they are. You will find a lot of FREE lapbooks on the website Homeschool Share website.

Here is another home educator's review of Five in a Row homeschool literature-base unit studies.

You'll want to check out this single mom's eclectic homeschooling approach for some other money-saving ideas.
When your son gets older, I highly recommend Learning Adventures curriculum. You will find more information on this hands-on curriculum on this Homeschooling our kids in Michigan post.

Thanks for your patience regarding your questions, Leah. We just moved to another state at the end of February and I've gotten a little behind in posting and replying. Other website visitors may post additional affordable, hands-on resources with you as well.
Wishing you much homeschool success and savings!
Heather :)

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Apr 11, 2012
Thanks! NEW
by: Leah

I appreciate the recommendations! I will definately check those out as I am looking for direction for the upcoming year!

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