Single Subject Homeschool Questions

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Minnesota Homeschool Questions

Minnesota Homeschool Questions

Can I homeschool for math only? Do you have information on how that can work from a legal standpoint? I can work out the curriculum to match the schools and can work my schedule out for it - but will that legally be workable?

Background: My son advanced a year in mathematics at his elem. school. Now, in middle school this fall, they did not set a schedule up that allows him to do advanced math - unless we are willing to do other classes like gym and music with the older children as well due to scheduling issues). His social development, especially as a gifted child, is extremely important to us. We would like to teach him his advanced math in the morning before he goes to school and then let him go about his day with the rest of the class. (This would all be in hopes that I can press or them to work out better scheduling next year.)

Any ideas on single subject homeschooling?

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Sep 04, 2009
Single Subject Homeschool Questions
by: Heather

Thank you for submitting this homeschool question and for providing detailed background information. It helps with answering questions! :)

Since you have your son enrolled in a public school full time and you will only be "homeschooling" him to supplement his education, I wouldn't worry about the homeschool legalities so much (unless of course, the school won't let you). I will include a pdf (via HSLDA) with the Minnesota homeschooling laws at the end of the post, so you are aware of them.

Yes, you can have him do his advanced math in the morning before sending him to school. You could find out what curriculum the school uses and just use that, or there are many others that you could choose that would follow the same standards/content covered.

Personally, I have found some of the textbooks used in the schools hard to use for a home setting. One of my daughters attended public highschool for one year and the math textbook was very hard to learn from.

Perhaps some kids get used to these textbooks and like them. As a homeschooling mom (and daughter) going from our homeschool math program to the public school curriculum, it was really hard to follow along with the way the textbook was laid out and how lessons were taught.

(She was actually way ahead of the class, which futher complicated things. However after a year of public school teaching, we brought her back home and she ended up being one half year behind... just FYI.)

My daughter would bring her homeschool math book with her to class and actually taught the other highschool students using our method.

So just be aware of that if you decide to use the school's materials.

You could instead choose your own, based on what's covered in the school's course. A curriculum that I do highly recommend is Saxon Math and many schools use is or are familiar with it.

In either case, you could talk with the school guidance counselor and tell them what you are planning to do. I really would be surprised if they wouldn't agree to let you do this.

Keep record of his work and test scores, etc. and then submit it to the school to have it included on his transcript. Or make a transcript yourself and submit it to the school if they need an "official" document.

You can download a free transcript template from my website.

When you are ready to look for curriculum, if you decide to not use the school's materials, feel free to contact me and I can help you find the curriculum you need.

Enjoy the time with your son each morning. Maybe it will lead you to full-time homeschooling in the future! :)

All the best,

Minnesota Homeschool Laws (compliments of HSLDA)

Free Homeschool Transcript Template

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