Singapore Primary Mathematics 4th Grade

by Stephanie B
(Patuxent River, MD, USA)

Singapore Math Review: Grade 4

Singapore Math Review: Grade 4

Singapore Math is a fast-paced math course that is for children who get "bored" with repetitive, traditional math books. There are two soft-cover textbooks and two workbooks which accompany them: 4A and 4B. You use all four books in the grade level.

This is our first year homeschooling, and so far, my daughter hasn't complained once that she is "bored" with the curriculum. What I like most about Singapore math is the absence of so many "strategies" offered to find an answer to one problem. I also like the way the book makes the learner think more in-depth for some of the word problems.

The price is pretty good, too. I found the entire kit (minus the answer key, which I HIGHLY recommend purchasing) for under $40 online. The tests are the "Reviews" in the workbooks. There are no manipulatives needed for this curriculum so far, so that is a major savings! I would suggest a dry-erase board or chalk board for help with visualizing concepts.

Thanks so much for the Singapore Math review, Stephanie! I appreciate the time you took to help others learn more about this homeschool math curriculum. Your thoughts are helpful! Blessings, Heather :)

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