Singapore Math Benefits

by Melissa
(Las Vegas, NV)

Homeschooling mom shares some wonderful Singapore Math benefits, to help you decide if this math program is right for you!

We love Singapore Math curriculum. The first math curriculum I tried had way to much review. It was just problem after problem. My daughter hated math. Singapore math saved the day!

Singapore explains new concepts well with visual examples and has just enough review to retain what is learned, without being drowned in it. The exercises are not all in the same format, which keeps her from getting bored with it. There are also plenty of word problems to solve with each new concept so that students learn how to find the answer, rather than just memorizing formulas or processes. The colorful pictures used as examples keep it interesting.

The price is reasonable too. I purchased a teacher's guide, but found that I did ok without it. I recommend the teacher's guide if your student needs more help and reinforcement as it includes things like how to introduce the material, games and additional practice. We will continue to purchase Singapore math for future grades.

Thank you so much for sharing some great Singapore Math benefits to help other parents learn more about this homeschooling math program. Your comments are appreciated!
Blessings, Heather

If you are interested in learning more about Singapore Math, and why it works so well, check out the youtube videos below. I think you'll find them very informative!

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