Should I Homeschool?

by Erin

Twelve-year old public schooled student is sick of the drama at school and asks, "Should I homeschool?"

I'm twelve years old and I have a really negative attitude about school, and I dread going to it each day. I love learning new things, but I feel like the teachers spend all the class time trying to calm down my classmates, and I'm sick of all the drama that goes on in and out of the hallways.

I know that if I was home schooled, I would take the time to thoroughly educate myself, but I'm not sure that my mom would have the time to teach me and my dad is always traveling for his job.

Should I seriously consider homeschooling? And, if so, are there any programs, online and off, that don't require my parents to teach me?

Hi Erin,
Yes, there are lots of "self-teaching" curriculum options available. Alpha Omega homeschool curriculum is a bible-based curriculum that my teen uses. She works through her courses independently and I oversee her grades, etc. She rarely needs my assistance.

Monarch, Thinkwell, K12 are three online curriculum options that you can look into.

TabletClass Math, Teaching Textbooks are two math curriculum options; there are others too. My daughter likes TabletClass Math; she can download lessons to her ipod, computer, or complete them online. The lessons are taught by a math teacher and are very easy to understand.

Check out some of the homeschool curriculum reviews on my website to find other options and to learn what other parents/students think.

This homeschooling teen recommends Apologia homeschool science curriculum.

Other website visitors may offer other suggestions for you.

Your parents will need to be involved with your homeschooling, to oversee your work, make sure you are on track, etc. But, if you are self-motivated and can learn on your own, you won't need to rely on your parents to teach you.

Lots of homeschooled students take classes at a homeschool co-op or enrichment program. This might be an option for some classes like high school Chemistry or subjects that you may struggle with.

You are a very articulate girl and I admire your initiative, Erin. You will do well with homeschooling, I'm sure!

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!
Heather :)

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