Should I Homeschool My Kindergarten Daughter?

by Rashena M
(Myrtle Beach, SC)

We are relocating from Long Island, NY to Myrtle Beach, SC. My daughter was registered to begin Kindergarten in NY but does not meet age requirements for SC. She passed the assessment test in NY and has been attending preschool for a few years and can identify and write her alphabet, identify numbers/colors and is very intelligent (all moms say that right). I don't feel comfortable with her waiting a year and starting kindergarten when she is 2 months shy of her 6th birthday because we moved to another state. Should I seek a private school or home school? I really want to do what is best for my daughter. Thank you very much.

Hi Rashena,
You know your daughter best - you could homeschool her or enroll her in a private school if she meets the school's age requirements. I know the private school where my daughter went for Kindergarten and first grade followed the age requirements of the state we live in.

Of course, I am partial to homeschooling. :) With homeschooling, you can customize her education to meet her individual needs. She will also have more time to be a kid and/or you will have more time to focus on areas she's interested in.

Ultimately the decision is yours. If you have the desire to homeschool her and can devote the time needed to oversee her education, then do it! I think you and your daughter will enjoy it and find it very rewarding.

Heather :)

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