Seventeen Year Old Teen Wants to Homeschool Herself

by Sarah Earl
(Lancaster, SC. United States)

South Carolina Homeschool Help Needed

South Carolina Homeschool Help Needed

Seventeen year old teen wants to homeschool herself but needs some help, support and guidance. Please help if you can...

I want to homeschool myself. I'm only 17 but public school isn't working out for me. Although I'm very interested in homeschooling this semester, I'm VERY lost. I have no where to begin.

My mother isn't very interested in my education, and my father passed away. I would really like to better myself with homeschooling. Is there anyway you can explain to me how or where to begin?

Hi Sarah,
I applaud you for wanting to better yourself and get a good education.

Here is link to a document with a summary of homeschooling laws for South Carolina created by HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association).

You have three options when it comes to independent homeschooling in South Carolina, but your mom will have to oversee your education (fill out paperwork, or join a homeschool group). If she is not willing, perhaps you have another adult/guardian in your life - a grand parent, family member or close friend who would be willing to oversee your education.

Independent homeschooling would be more difficult for you since your mom isn't interested in your education. If you are diligent, you could school yourself but your mom or guardian would need to be willing to submit the required documents, make sure you are on task and complete the courses you need to graduate, etc.

Another option for you may be an online public school like Connections Academy. Although I don't usually recommend options like this, for your situation, I think it may be the best one.

South Carolina Connections Academy is a free, fully accredited online public school for South Carolina students. You will receive online instruction, help and support from certified teachers and trained staff.

The second semester starts January 15, 2011, so you're not too late!

Visit South Carolina Connections Academy for more information.

Good Luck, Sarah! If you have any more questions or need anything else, please feel free to ask.
Heather :)

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