Seton Homeschool Curriculum

If you are looking for Catholic homeschooling materials, Seton homeschool curriculum is definitely a program you should consider.

Seton offers a full-service homeschool program for families who want control over their children's education but would like support and guidance for their journey.

If you choose to enroll in the Seton Home Study School, you will not only receive everything you need to homeschool your child for the entire year, you will also have access to many money-and time-saving benefits.

Your Seton Home Study School enrollment includes all the books and workbooks your child will use throughout the year, as well as teacher's guides that include lesson plans, teaching tips and questions for discussion.

Many of the Home Study courses are written and published by Seton. Some of the courses included in a full grade are: Art, Math, Spelling, Language Arts/English, History, Science, Religion, and more! When your child enters fourth grade, you have the option of choosing from two different Math courses - one of them is a popular homeschooling math program, Saxon Math.

Seton Curriculum

If you don't want to enroll in the Home Study Program, you can always purchase just the curriculum through the Seton Educational Media division. You will find all of Seton's exclusive curriculum, as well as courses and products, hand-selected by Seton staff. One thing I would like to mention: Lesson plans are only available through the Home Study program - a time-saving enrollment perk!

Print, Online, and Digital Products

Although most of Seton's curriculum are traditional print books, Seton also offers a growing number of online courses for high school; they also have recently added a some homeschooling support books for your Nook or Kindle.

Private School Minus the High Price Tag

Although I have never used Seton curriculum, I have read the reviews that parents submitted to my site. One of the comments I've read for the Home Study School is:

"Seton is like a private Catholic school education, without the high price tag!"

Private schools can cost thousands of dollars per student per year; Seton costs less than $500, AND you have access to the same academic support you would have if your child attended a private school. Benefits such as: guidance counselors, grading, record keeping, high school graduation, transcript and diploma service, etc.

MySeton Online

MySeton Online is your very own personalized webpage, where you can access lessons, assignments, tests, grades and more. You can also connect with other homeschooling parents through MySeton Online; you can ask questions, find answers, and support, AND this service is included in your enrollment.

If you would like to learn more about MySeton, take a few minutes to check out the MySeton Demo. You'll find sample lesson plans, tests, and links to other valuable resources.

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