Seton Home Study Review: Elementary Level

by Dolores Miller
(Sandwich, MA)

Seton Home Study Curriculum

Seton Home Study Curriculum

Learn more about Seton Home Study curriculum from this long-time Seton curriculum user...

After many years, I still use Seton Home Study Curriculum. This year I will be teaching grades 3 and 7. This is a Catholic based curriculum and the children do learn their faith. The tenents of the faith are present throughout 90% of their courses.

A daily Lesson plan is provided and it is easy to follow. I also love that most tests can be submitted online which is great for my older student. Transcripts are kept by the school and easily accessed. The curriculum is heavy on writing which I consider an asset. I am very pleased with the format.

Dolores, thanks for helping others learn more about Seton Home Study curriculum; I appreciate your thoughts! Blessings, Heather :)

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Seton Home Study Homeschool Review

by Jennifer
(Greenwood, Indiana, USA)

Read Jennifer's informative Seton Home Study homeschool review to learn more about this Catholic homeschooling curriculum...

We are choosing to use Seton Home Study next year for our children who will be 6 and 7. We used Seton with them as Preschoolers as well as Kindergarten, but decided to try another curriculum. While we loved the 2nd grade curriculum, I just felt pulled back to Seton. My son has learning disabilities as well as ADHD and ODD. He just could not learn at the faster pace of the other curriculum. So we stopped using it mid-year and I taught on my own without a curriculum.

After trying to come up with ideas on my own day after day, I knew I would go back to Seton again. I honestly regret ever leaving in the first place! We are a Catholic family so Seton does suit us much better in the religion aspect as well.

As far as cost goes, Seton is on the pricier side and is accredited. However, for my husband and I, we don't believe you can really put a price on a good education. Each family has their own individual teaching styles, learning styles and paces to which they learn. No curriculum choice is wrong nor right. Because we pay more for our curriculum than our friends does not mean we are getting a better education per say. However, for us, we are providing the best education for OUR family.

Since our family has decided to pay for a more expensive curriculum again, we have cut back on purchasing a lot of "education kits". Instead, we use the internet and the library as well as our back yard to learn from. This holds true especially for our science studies. We have found our children learn best hands on with Science and Math, yet they still love doing workbooks!

We have been taking many field trips to places we normally take for granted. We have farms all around where we live. We have visited them for various educational experiences. I've learned a lot myself and I really enjoy watching our children learn as well!

Excellent review of Seton Home Study curriculum, Jennifer; thanks for sharing! I appreciate your money-saving tips - how you save money in other areas, so you can afford the materials you want to use with your family. Your review and comments will definitely help others. Blessings, Heather :)

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Seton Home Study Review

by Courtney
(Chesterfield, Virginia )

New homes educator shares how and why she chose Seton Home Study for her first year of homeschooling; read her review...

I just recently started homeschooling, and it took me a really long time to decide which curriculum that I wanted to choose for my son who is in Kindergarten. While I am not Catholic, I am a Christian and know that Catholic schools generally teach good morals and have high academic standards. After reading reviews from other websites, I decided to try Seton as it is an accredited school with great customer service.

The curriculum uses Saxon math, has a good grip on phonics, and has a nice handwriting piece. The science is a little weaker than we would like so we are going to supplement with Apologia. My son really enjoys doing the book work and can finish it in a timely manner. I also like that the lesson plans are laid out for me as I have 2 other children under 4 and another due soon. I am also in graduate school so it can be busy at my house and for now, a put together curriculum is easiest for me. That being said, I like Seton because it has all the important components needed to progress to the next grade levels.

Thanks for taking time out of your very busy day to write a helpful Seton Home Study review, Courtney! Your thoughts and experience will definitely help other parents who are looking for a homeschool program for their family. Blessings, Heather :)

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Orthodox Christian Homeschool Family Uses Seton Home Study School

by Jacque

Seton Home Study School Review

Seton Home Study School Review

Seton Homestudy School was the affordable choice for us, so far we have used Seton for 2nd, 3rd and are looking forward to 4th grade.

We are about to start our third year with Seton, and my daughter loves it. The workbooks are engaging, challenging, and Christ-centered in every subject; we just supplement with our own for religion.

With the full curriculum choice, Seton keeps track of all of our records on a secure server. You also have the ability to take online tests and upload homework to a secure website (which is easy to use). I also don't have to worry about anything getting lost in the mail; which is a problem where we live in Michigan.

They also have a catalog, with really great prices, so if you only want one or two of their subjects or just a reading book or two you have that option as well.

Jacque, thanks so much for taking the time to help other parents learn about Seton Homestudy School. I appreciate it! Blessings, Heather :)

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