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Seton home school testing division offers a variety of affordable and easy-to-administer standardized tests and test-prep materials for homeschooling families. Achievement and ability tests like: the IOWA, CAT, TerraNova 2, and CogAT tests; some you can administer yourself!

You may wonder if you should test your child/ren. A quick look at your state's homeschool laws and requirements will answer your question. Some states require yearly testing of homeschooled students, while others don't. If your state doesn't have a testing requirement, you can choose to test your kids, or not.

Our family homeschooled in Michigan for over 15 years - Michigan has great homeschooling laws and you don't  need to test your children every year. Now that we homeschool in New Hampshire, we are required by law to register and test our children every year.

(Some states, like NH, allow parents to submit a portfolio or have their child assessed by certified evaluator. For example, New Hampshire allows for the submission of a portfolio or professional assessment by a certified teacher, in lieu of standardized tests scores. So, if you have a child that doesn't test well, you may have other options to show they are learning.)

Besides the need to fulfill a state's homeschooling requirement, other reasons parents may want to test their children are to:

Monitor Progress

Some parents like to check their child's development and progress. It's difficult to evaluate our kids sometimes. We see what they do every day and sometimes we wonder if they are progressing as they should. Assessments can verify that everything is okay.

Identify Weaknesses

Assessments also help us find areas where our child may be struggling. Everyone has weaknesses, although some may not be as obvious; certain tests can help illuminate weakness as well as strengths.

Identifying weak spots will help you use your homeschooling time in the most beneficial way.

College Entrance Exams

Most colleges require you to submit either SAT or ACT scores when you apply for admission. The PSAT is a test that your high school student takes in 10th or 11th grade. The SAT can be taken at anytime between 10th and 12th grade. The PSAT is not just a pre-SAT, it is a major factor in potential scholarship programs. Like the SAT, however, it is less about what you know and more about how you take the test. While neither the PSAT nor the SAT are about what you know, it certainly doesn't exclude your student from preparing for it.

Seton Home School Testing Services makes the guesswork out of taking the PSAT and SAT with affordable study guides.

Seton Home School Testing Prep

Besides PSAT and SAT test-prep products, Seton Home School Testing also carries test preparation materials for the California Achievement Test, TerraNova and IOWA achievement tests. Test preparation will help ease your child's anxiety and uncertainty, making them feel more confident on testing day.

For kids who have never taken a standardized tests before, seeing the format and knowing how to fill in test answers, will allow them to focus on what matters on test day.

As a home educator, I know that there are some areas we may not have covered during the school year for various reasons. Going over a practice test will reveal these areas; practice question provide an and easy way to quickly learn or re-learn forgotten or overlooked topics. Seton home school testing materials range in price from $6-$42.

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