Sequential Spelling Homeschool Curriculum Review

by Angela
(Kutztown, PA, USA)

Sequential Spelling Success!

Sequential Spelling Success!

Homeschooling mom helps turn daughter's tears into smiles with Sequential Spelling homeschool curriculum. Easy-to-use for simple spelling success!

We are using Sequential Spelling this school year, for 3rd grade. Sequential Spelling homeschool curriculum is the only spelling curriculum that my daughter has liked and has improved her spelling. We tried many other spelling curriculum during her K-2nd years, and all seem to cause tears and frustration for her.

Sequential Spelling is not intimidating, and gently leads her from one word she knows to another similarly spelled word. Her confidence grows as she successfully figures out how to spell each new word, by changing the initial letters or adding a suffix.

Each day she takes a spelling quiz of 25 words. However, the tone is nothing like the traditional spelling tests, with the big red check marks on the incorrect words. The child and parent figure out how to spell the word correctly together. Since it only takes 10 minutes a day, it also in not overwhelming. We usually complete it right after breakfast, so it is done for the day. And, because she likes it, we can even do it on the non-schooling day.

What a wonderful story (and review)! Isn't it fun when our kids want to actually do school when they don't have to? Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Heather :)

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AVKO Sequential Spelling Homeschool Review

by Ruth

Homeschooling mom says, "AVKO Sequential Spelling homeschool curriculum is just what we were looking for." Read her review to find out why...

I had been using a different homeschool spelling curriculum for my children in about 3-6th grade. They were doing fine, until they got to the section reviews. They remembered so little. So, I decided they needed something to reinforce their phonics that they had learned in earlier grades. A friend told me about sequential spelling. It has been just what we were looking for.

Sequential Spelling builds on "word families". For example, taking the word all, adding "st" to make in "stall", then adding "in" to make it "install", then adding "ment" to make it "installment". It just makes sense! Sequential spelling was originally developed for dyslexics. It also uses review and repetition to reinforce.

This program is very affordable and easy to use. All you really need is the books with the word lists (one for each year, containing 180 lessons). They also offer books for the children to write their spelling words in, but a notebook works just as well. I have heard they now have a DVD to go along with the curriculum, but I have not used that yet. My children enjoy it, which is an added plus!

Thanks for the informative review of Sequential Spelling homeschool curriculum, Ruth. I'm sure other parents will find your feedback very helpful. Blessings, Heather :)

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Sequential Spelling by Don McCabe

by Connie Palla
(Hurst, TX USA)

Homeschool Sequential Spelling Success!

Homeschool Sequential Spelling Success!

Ecspeereansing speling struguls? Sequential Spelling homeschool program helps a dyslexic teen overcome his difficulties with spelling.

I have a 17 year old son who has dyslexia and is academically considered a slow learner. His spelling was terrible. We started Sequential Spelling when he was 15 years old and within just a few lessons, spelling began to "click!" We are all so excited and his confidence level has soared. I highly recommend Sequential Spelling to anyone who is struggling with spelling.

Yay, Connie! I love success stories like this - thanks for sharing. Blessings, Heather

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