Review of ACE Homeschool Curriculum (School of Tomorrow)

by Amanda O.
(Clarksville, TN)

ACE Homeschool Curriculum Boredom

ACE Homeschool Curriculum Boredom

Home educator shares why ACE homeschool curriculum isn't a perfect fit for her second grade, ADHD son. Read her review...

We are currently half way through with our first year of homeschooling. Since my son has a lot of doctor's appointments we decided that the portability of ACE's PACES would be perfect for us. On the plus side, it is easy to divide it all up to be sure you will finish the year on time.

ACE homeschool curriculum is VERY portable and for the independent child, it required very little from you except for grading tests. It seems overly simplified, but it does build on every mastered concept for a very good foundation of all concepts.

We are using the 2nd grade curriculum. It is mastery based so if your child learns a new concept and then becomes bored with it, this becomes very frustrating. My son has ADHD and also very smart. He catches on to things immediately. He has become so bored and frustrated with this curriculum that EVERYDAY is a fight. Good days consist of timed drills to see if he can finish pages under a minute.

There is also a lot of writing. This is also a battle with my ADHD child who hates to write.

If your child likes to read and doesn't mind writing and you want something already broken down with very little to do on your part, this mastery based curriculum may be for you. If your child is a visual, hands on, ADHD ready to learn it and then go on kind of child, you may need to be ready to fight with them to get this curriculum done.

I also wish ACE was a little richer in Social studies and Science for 2nd grade. The animal science has been full of information.

I appreciate your honest review of ACE homeschool curriculum. Thanks so much for sharing how ACE’s PACES has worked with your son and including exactly what you like and don't like about this curriculum. Other parents, especially those with ADD or ADHD children will find your input extremely helpful. Blessings, Heather

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School of Tomorrow/ACE Curriculum Pros and Cons

by DeAnna Welch
(Wiggins, MS, USA)

Check out some School of Tomorrow/ACE curriculum pros and cons...

I am partial to School of Tomorrow/ACE curriculum, because it's what I used personally when I attended private school. There are many other reasons I'm fond of School of Tomorrow (SOT). To name a few:

1) It uses KJV based scripture references;
2) It can be affordably purchased through the company, or even more so, through eBay.
3) Lessons are easy to follow, & it's simple to figure out if you're ahead or behind, as you must finish one workbook (PACE) per three weeks, for a total of twelve throughout the year.

School of Tomorrow Cons:
1) There's quite a bit of reading, and this was not good for my son, who is ADD.

Thanks for sharing some School of Tomorrow/ACE curriculum pros and cons, DeAnna; your thoughts are appreciated and helpful! Blessings, Heather :)

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