SC Connections Academy Review

by Cindy Hunton
(South Carolina)

Why did this mom switch from traditional homeschool materials to Connections Academy? Read her informative Connections Academy review to find out...

I homeschooled traditionally for 12 years using a variety of the more popular/traditional homeschool materials. Each year became more and more complicated and doubts arose that my high school and middle school students were truly receiving the highest quality instruction possible. I struggled with choosing the best materials, planning the best lessons, teaching the material and then grading it. It was difficult to find a balance between teacher (assigning, teaching, grading) and parent (helping a child do his best). How could I fairly assess a student's work if I helped him with the assignment?

I was constantly swamped with planning, preparing and grading. I researched carefully and prayerfully and found Connections Academy. I can homeschool and get a high quality education with much less frustration. The lessons are challenging; the choices are abundant; the school is accredited; the staff is caring; the teachers are well-trained and helpful; the grading is completed by the teachers and available to the parents at any moment. I love helping my children learn and seeing them receive the grades they earn.

My kids enjoy the live lessons and interactions in the clubs and activities they choose. They also now see how
their learning compares to other students their age and grade level. They are much more independent and responsible in completing their assignments. I readily admit that the professional teachers are much more capable of providing quality instruction in the upper level math and science. The school staff did an excellent job of helping my son through the college application process. My daughters are enjoying earning membership in National Honor Society and winning national photography contests. They participate in clubs that interest them and are much more motivated to achieve higher grades. We enjoy the ability to homeschool and get a super education!

Hi Cindy! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with SC Connections Academy as well as sharing your struggles with traditional homeschooling materials. I'm sure many parents can relate to the finding the balance between the parent and teacher roles that come with home education. One of my children used to say, "Are you my teacher now, or my mom?" As I read your review, I could feel your relief and peace in finding the perfect fit for your family. Wishing you continued success! Blessings, Heather :)

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May 10, 2012
First positive comment
by: Mrs Dani

This is the FIRST posistive comment I have heard from anyone about the Conections Academy. I am glad it worked out for the poster.

I would advise anyone here in SC do their research & talk to those who have actually USED as well as USING this.

From other families I know who are doing or have taken advantage of this

Little to most NO cost whatsoever
All school lessons provided
NO stress in planning out lessons
A couple of great field trips during the year
School transcripts provided
Free testing

NO flexibility in field trips or lessons
Must use books they provide (no choice)
Lose all control over child's education
In front of computer too much
No flexibility in time (if the child is not logged on by a certain time, the school starts calling)

Please do the research and really look into it. Do not go in just for the free books. A friend of mine thought this was a great way to pay for the family's school supplies & came away disgusted because of the stress from trying to explain to the teachers why a field trip was needed. Another friend had a bullied child in HS and it helped them remove the child from school but miss no schoolwork (although they had a host of problems) it did work for them.

Connections Academy is Public School at home. Depending upon the reasons you homeschool, this might be a blessing or it can be a REAL big pain for a homeschooler. Like I said, do the research and do not go into it with stars in your eyes or binders on.

May 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am shocked to read that Connections would question field trips. Not the Connections I experience. Parents simply log the hours spent on school/educational experiences. No one is monitoring their start time! Parents can adjust the scheduler for their child. I've found that teachers are very supportive of field trips. The students have assignments to complete and have until 11:59 on the last day of the semester to complete them for credit. My students actually missed almost an entire week of school in January due to the death of their grandmother, and they simply caught up within the next week or so. Same thing for days spent travelling to visit another relative. As long as they meet the state mandates for school attendance (like ANY homeschooler is mandated to do in SC no matter which option they choose) spent on educational activities and complete the required assignments, there are no problems. If a parent isn't marking attendance or is not meeting the required hours for educational experiences required by state law, then the Connections staff will do their job and call to inquire. If you want the Christian perspective in your curriculum, you are free to choose to supplement the Connections curriculum - like every Christian parent should be doing anyway! Just because a curriculum has Bible verses on the pages, doesn't mean you are teaching Biblical principles in your home. If your Christian perspectives differs from the curriculum, then it is an excellent opportunity for your child to learn the opposing view and your basis for opposition - complete with you teaching your Biblical reasons for it. As is mentioned, it is good to investigate any educational choice thoroughly. There is no perfect choice. I would suggest that you carefully consider your child's future educational aspirations, however, and make sure your choices today adequately prepare them for the curriculum they will face in a few years in a university. Many of the Christian curriculums are not as advanced as the public school curriculums and will put your children at a disadvantage when they attend college unless you carefully and thoroughly prepare them. A curriculum in and of itself will not prepare them in any event. It is our parental responsibility to make sure they learn what is necessary, especially that they become independent learners.

May 10, 2012
by: mrs dani

"Many of the Christian curriculums are not as advanced as the public school curriculums and will put your children at a disadvantage when they attend college unless you carefully and thoroughly prepare them."

THat is far from a true statement. Many of the "Christian" curriculumss are far advanced than what we see in the public schools. Book publishers have to be very careful what they print because of the PC crowd. But no one should depend on a book for ALL the info their kids need.

I am glad to hear you had a good experience with Connections Academy. Like I said before, I have never heard good stuff before now. It may be the school district you go through that makes a difference. And this is the FIRST time I have EVERY heard of being allowed to choose a different book than what they say you are to use. If they have changed how they do things, wonderful! I know that several parents had been trying to get positive changes for a while, so I am glad if they are listening.

Like with ANY school curriculum, a parent needs to do a great deal of research. I always suggest going to the state HS convention. There are at least 3 big ones in the state of SC. That is the best place for parents to talk to other parents, vendors, examine books & supplies, talk to experts, find hs groups to join & sooooooo much more. It takes a lot of dedication & time to really decide what is best for your child.

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