Saxon Math Home School Review

by Karen Cain
(Dayton, OH)

Saxon Math Home School Fun!

Saxon Math Home School Fun!

Nervous about teaching math at home? Eliminate your worries and have fun with Saxon Math home school curriculum and manipulatives...

When I first started teaching my oldest (now ten), I was nervous about homeschooling math. Math was always my weakest subject in school, and my husband is a professor of engineering, so I naturally assumed that after we were done with the early math concepts, I'd be turning over the math teaching to him.

We started using Saxon Math in kindergarten, but by then since my son had already mastered most of the material in Saxon Kindergarten. So we started with Saxon Math 1, and it was a pleasure to teach. The manipulative kit made it easy to teach concepts such as fractions, addition, subtraction and ratios. We have now been using Saxon Math for five years, and while I'm sure my son would not say math is his favorite subject (he prefers history and literature), we both enjoy learning math through Saxon.

My son was the first to notice the "spiral" in Saxon. He would comment on the repetition of certain types of problems, and how a new concept, though introduced and practiced in the lesson, would not immediately be put in the practice problems. In his words, "They're letting me practice something over and over until I get it."

Saxon's manipulative kit for K-3 is still one of the most used homeschooling purchases in our house. My children take the counting bears and create "armies", practice with the scale, and use the pattern shapes to create all kinds of shapes. We are looking forward to using Saxon's homeschooling math curricula for our two younger children as they start their homeschooling journey.

Wonderful review of Saxon homeschooling math curriculum; thanks for writing it, Karen! My kids love the manipulatives as well – one of my daughters would make “people” out of the snap cubes and then pretend they were her choir students. I have listened to many a musical performed by her pretend choir. Enjoy your homeschool year! Blessings, Heather :)

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