Saxon Math Home School Curriculum/ Saxon Teacher

by gifts2us

Saxon Teacher Home School Math

Saxon Teacher Home School Math

I have used Saxon Math home school curriculum for years and we tried the DIVE CD ROM and it didn't follow the text at all, due to copy right laws. The concepts were the same; however, if you have a child with generalization problems we have found this to not be ideal.

I bought the Saxon Teacher to try and so far I loved it. The Saxon Teacher follows the book more closely. Some parts your child has to read independently, but every problem matches the one in the book from the actual lesson, practice, mixed review, and test.

Thanks for the Saxon Math home school curriculum and the new Saxon Teacher tips; your thoughts are appreciated! Blessings, Heather :)

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Aug 14, 2010
There are other Math Tutorials for John's Books
by: Art Reed

By way of introduction, I am a retired high school Saxon math teacher who taught using John's algebra 1/2 through calculus for more than a dozen years in a rural public high school. We raised our math ACT scores from 13.4 to 22.2 in just three years (above the national average) and that was twenty years ago!

Because I felt students needed a seasoned math teacher in a classroom environment, I created a series of DVD "video" tutorials for home school student just like my classroom instruction when I taught in the public school.

Unlike the CD products created by DIVE and the HMHCO these DVD "videos" are not white board presentations - which will not work on a TV DVD player - they are actual videos of the teacher at the board teaching the concepts of the book, lesson by lesson. As with my classroom instruction, I do not go over the samples already explained in the book, but create my own to show the student both similiar and different solutions to the concept.

The DVD "video" tutorial series have between 10 - 12 disks constaininhg more than twenty-one hours of classroom instruction. They sell for $49.95 a series and that includes shipping costs.

Take a look at to preview sevral smaple lessons.

Hope this helps.

Art Reed

Feb 06, 2015
Not ADD Friendly
by: Anonymous

This Math program is not suitable for students with ADD. The spiraling curriculum is too confusing with the constant back and forth of learning. Yes, the concept of reviewing past lessons would be beneficial to the students but not by spiraling out of control. Saxon had helped our daughter at the lower grade levels but not now in Middle School. We're very concerned with her having the basic Math knowledge in High School.

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