Pros and Cons of Saxon Homeschool Curriculum

No curriculum is perfect for every student or situation, including Saxon homeschool curriculum.

For the younger grades (K-3), any parent will find Saxon homeschool curriculum very thorough and easy-to-use.

Daily lessons are comprehensive and provide all the wording needed, so you can easily explain mathematical concepts clearly to your child.

Most, if not all lessons include fun hands-on activities to help your child understand concepts quickly and simply.

Saxon provides daily worksheets that a child completes after each lesson. The worksheets contain just enough practice and review questions, and because they are black and white, your student will not be overwhelmed or distracted while figuring out the problems.

Your child will also work on their number facts and complete a math fact sheet or two each day.

Pros and Cons of Saxon Home School Math K-3

If you can read, you can explain mathematical concepts clearly and understandably. I use the Teacher's Manual everyday and appreciate that Saxon includes exact wording to teach lessons. You could deviate from the wording Saxon provides, however, when I have done this, I find myself using more words than necessary and start confusing my young student.

Some parents do not like the length or the monotony of the elementary curriculum; each lesson includes counting, time, patterns, money, and the review of other important math essentials. It does take some time to go through the entire lesson from start to finish, but for our family, the extra time investment has paid off.

Pros and Cons of Saxon 54 and Up

For the most part, I have been extremely happy with Saxon math for the older grades, however we have struggled with a couple issues with each child.

Some students learn better with a teacher presenting the lesson and find it difficult to understand concepts by just reading lessons to themselves. Grades K-3 relies heavily on teacher participation, but then in 5/4 (grade four), students move to reading lessons on their own and may struggle more.

Two solutions you may find helpful are: the Dive CDs or Saxon Teacher.

Saxon Homeschool Saxon Homeschool Curriculum Dive CDs

The Dive CDs, produced by Digital Interactive Video Education, cost another $50 investment and include video lessons taught by a teacher, for the Saxon 5/4 – high school Calculus curriculum.

Saxon Teacher is published by Saxon and includes video lessons and on CD; each course costs an additional $90. Both are great solutions if you don't mind paying the extra money in addition to the cost of the Saxon homeschool curriculum kit.

Another downfall of Saxon I noticed with my seven year old daughter; she will finish the third grade Saxon curriculum this year. Because of her age and her learning style, she isn't quite ready for the fourth grade (5/4) textbook curriculum.

Although my other children transitioned well from 3rd grade to 5/4, I can't see my seven year old copying down all those questions out of the textbook each day. She really likes and does well with the work pages and I wish that Saxon continued with the "work page" style for another grade or so for young, but eager learners.

A Money-saving Saxon Homeschool Curriculum Cons

In Saxon's effort to economize, the Grades 1-3 workbook pages have become so thin over the last few years that my daughter has difficulty erasing an incorrect answer without ripping the page. We also find it hard to remove the pages from the book without ripping them excessively at the top. I would compare the paper to the "newsprint" we used for scrap paper when we went to school = thin and cheap!

The newest textbook editions for the older grades are no longer hardcover, but softcover. Softcover books bend and rip easier and don't last as long as a sturdy hardcover textbook. The result? It may be harder to reuse the curriculum for multiple students or sell once you are done with it.

Overall though, Saxon publishes affordable homeschool math courses that are proven, easy to use and tailored for a home setting.

Saxon Homeschool Savings

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Familiar with Saxon?

Write a review to help other home school parents choose the right curriculum for their family. It's hard to weed through all the available curriculum options; share your experience with Saxon home school curriculum so others can learn if its right for them!

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