Saxon Homeschool Curriculum Review

by R Howard
(Hinesville, Georgia)

Pros and Cons of Saxon Homeschool Curriculum

Pros and Cons of Saxon Homeschool Curriculum

I used Saxon homeschool curriculum for my daughter when she was doing 3rd grade math. She is a visual learner and does well with manipulatives. While she loved the curriculum because of this, I found it difficult because each lesson took so much time to prepare.

During the year that we used it, I found myself looking for shortcuts or preparing several lessons at once so we could skip the preliminaries. She learned well with the program, but our schedule did not allow us to complete the whole book that year.

If you have the time to prepare the lessons and the time to sit and do the lesson, this is a great program. But if you are crunched for time, as we were, you may not want to use this program.

Yes, you are correct! Saxon homeschool curriculum is quite time-consuming for the younger grades. Although not for everyone, I have found the time investment does pay off, thankfully, as my children enter the higher level grades. Thanks for sharing; it's much appreciated! Blessings, Heather

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Math-Struggling Mom of Six Loves Saxon Homeschool Curriculum

by Kris
(Longmont, CO, USA)

Saxon Homeschool Curriculum Review

Saxon Homeschool Curriculum Review

How does this homeschooling mom of six, who once struggled through math herself, successfully teach math? Her secret: Saxon homeschool curriculum!

I have found Saxon to be a solid math program, that forces kids to practice their math facts and not just learn the math concepts. I also have found the DIVE CD to be very helpful with the older students, and has freed me up to work with the younger ones.

I have used Saxon Math for four years, and plan to continue. I have used 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5/4. It is about the same price as any math curriculum, and with six kids it will pay off to use it with all of them. You can find the teacher manuals fairly easily on e-bay, and then purchase the workbooks at CBD.

Kris, thanks for sharing what you like about Saxon homeschool curriculum; my oldest just graduated high school and we used it for every grade. I have never used the Dive CDs – I will check those out; helpful, I'm sure with the upper level grades! One thing I would include when purchasing used materials is to make sure the editions match. Happy homeschooling, Heather :)

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Saxon Homeschool Curriculum Testimonial

by Victoria Baker
(United States)

Math-challenged Mom of four says Saxon homeschool curriculum works great with her wiggliest of kids...

We've used Saxon Math since kindergarten. My oldest of four will now be using the fifth grade level.

Math is not "my thing", so this is perfect for me. The text is scripted so that I can concisely present new ideas to my kids.

The worksheet portion has been great to incorporate fun manipulatives for my "wigglier" kids who need to be doing something with their hands! Overall, we give it a big thumbs-up!

Victoria, thanks for sharing why you use Saxon homeschool curriculum. We use it too, and I also appreciate the scripted lessons for explaining mathematical concepts. I think I would confuse my kids without the well-written teacher's manual! Blessings, Heather

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