Saxon Home School Curriculum

Although some mainstream educational materials do not work well in a home setting, Saxon home school curriculum does. 

Saxon Publishing, a division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, has been publishing materials for public and private schools across the US since 1981.

Around 1993, Saxon added more grades and their proven programs quickly grew in popularity among homeschoolers.

You can currently purchase home school math kits for grades K-12 as well as home school phonics/language arts programs for grades K-2.

Saxon Home School Pedagogy

Saxon uses the proven educational practices of incremental development and continual review. Topics are introduced slowly in small steps – one facet at a time. Facets are introduced and practiced before the next one is taught and practiced. The third facet isn't introduced until the first two are learned and practiced together, and so on.

Lessons move gradually through the different topics; concepts are developed slowly and daily work includes lots of review and practice.

Your student will never forget what they learned at the beginning of the course because Saxon weaves frequent and continual review into lessons, to improve long-term retention.

Saxon Home School Kits

A Saxon home school kit contains everything you will need to teach lessons to your child. (If you purchase a used kit, you will want to make sure nothing is missing. You can check the Saxon website to find out what is included in each kit. You will also want to make sure all the editions match for teacher's guides, student texts, tests and solutions manuals, if you purchase new or used items separately.)

Some of the math courses, specifically the K-3 grades, require the use of manipulatives for lessons. You can find most items around your house, but you may not have geoboards, tangrams, a balance, etc. Don’t worry; the teacher's manuals list everything you will need for lessons, so you will know ahead of time if you need to purchase something you don’t already have around your home.

Saxon for Middle/High School Kits

For the more advanced subjects, the home school kits contain a student text, test masters and solutions manual. I’ve only used the older editions with my older children; I really like the new improvements that Saxon has made to the updated home school kits for middle school and high school.

Saxon also recently released Saxon Teacher – a complete set of video lessons for all the courses; lessons are taught by a teacher on a white board. Saxon Teacher is an additional and optional product and retails for around $90.

I found the solutions manual extremely helpful for the upper level courses; all answers are included and written out step-by-step. Saxon high school courses include: Algebra I, Algebra II, Advanced Math, Calculus, Physics and this year, Saxon finally added Geometry.

Saxon Teacher Demo

Below is a demo of the Saxon Teacher CD for Saxon Math 7/6. Sorry, I couldn't find a smaller video sample, but it will give you a good idea of what you can expect from the Saxon Teacher programs. 

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