Saxon Home School Curriculum and DIVE CDs Review

by Ammanda Wanless
(Olympia, Washington)

Saxon Home School Curriculum + DIVE = Math Success!

Saxon Home School Curriculum + DIVE = Math Success!

Saxon home school curriculum plus DIVE CD's equals home school math success! Step-by-step instructions and detailed lessons let kids work independently...

We are a Christian homeschooling family with three children, ages 11, 6, and 4. I have used Saxon home school curriculum for my eleven year old with great success. We wrapped up Saxon 5/4 this past year, utilizing the DIVE CD; we absolutely LOVE it!

Saxon home school curriculum offers step-by-step instructions on learning new skills, with plenty of repetition, review, and testing. The glossary in the back of the student text offers a great quick-reference for those questions that pop up on items previously reviewed. Each new topic begins with an "investigation" where the new theory is introduced completely, in a non-threatening manner. Enough detail is given to answer questions, but not so much to overwhelm the child (and parent!).

Likewise, we greatly valued the DIVE CD's. The teacher is coming from a Christian perspective, speaking in a very conservative manner, which we valued. His instructions are well thought out and explained. As he teaches each lesson, the work is shown on a blue background where you can follow him working through each problem. He emphasizes understanding a concept completely before moving on, and encourages the children to be diligent and proactive in the learning experience.

DIVE gave me the freedom to work with my other two children, while my eldest was working the DIVE CD and his Saxon lesson independently. Very rarely did I need to follow-up with any information on the lesson with my son. Rather, a simple repeat of the DIVE CD normally clarified just about any question.

The Saxon home school curriculum and DIVE CD are a valuable resource, with only moderate out-of-pocket expense. I am using an older version computer for my children to work on, which will allow the younger students to use the same DIVE CD later. However, I am aware that the DIVE CD's being sold new also contain updated software for Vista (and more than likely the new Microsoft 7 soon).

Thumbs up for Saxon 5/4 and DIVE! We will be using Saxon 6/5 this coming year!

Very well-written review, Ammanda; thanks so much for sharing how both Saxon Math and the DIVE CD's have benefited your family. Your input will be so very helpful to other homeschooling parents. Blessings, Heather

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