Saxon 5/4 Review

by Canaan Stevens
(Saint Augustine, FL USA)

Canaan Stevens

Canaan Stevens

Wondering if Saxon is for you? Former homeschooler shares an informative Saxon 5/4 review to help you learn more about this home school math curriculum.

As a former home schooled student, I was already in the know about how wonderful Saxon is! I did Saxon math from 4th grade-12th grade and loved it. It gave me such a great foundation for the upper level math courses and even calculus and statistics at the college level. It's a great curriculum!

One of the best things about it is the practice that is incorporated in the work for each lesson. The student will have such great review through the repetition of the practice.

It's also easy for the student to teach themselves. The lesson starts with concise instruction with easy to follow directions. Even with my other children who are not as math prone as my oldest, I know they will be able to be taught the Saxon way because it just makes sense.
There are tests every five lessons that consist of twenty questions. With each question is a reference back to the lesson when the student learned the material, which makes it very simple to guide them to the correct way to solve the problem.

We started our kids’ math instruction with Singapore mainly because of the simplicity of it. Now that our oldest is in 4th grade, we decided it was time to move into a more challenge math program. That’s why we have chosen Saxon. We will start it with our other children as they start 4th grade also.

As far as cost savings, the only book we will have to purchase for our next student using Saxon 5/4 is the student workbook. The teacher book and the test book were not written in, so that saves money for next year. I have also found the full Saxon 5/4 on Ebay for less than other suppliers.
Overall, I believe that Saxon is a wonderful curriculum and gives the student an excellent math education.

Thanks for sharing an informative Saxon 5/4 review - your experience will be very helpful to other parents!

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