Save on Home Schooling Costs by Keeping the Extras Cheap

by Tanya
(Scottsmoor, FL)

Enjoy the Extras while Minimizing Home Schooling Costs

Enjoy the Extras while Minimizing Home Schooling Costs

Each year our home schooling costs vary between $250 and $350 for our eldest child for the basics (reading, language, arithmetic, social studies, and science).

It is the extras that can add up fast, so that is why we pay particular attention to this area.

Keeping home schooling costs down in this area for our family of 4, (2 being home schooled) is as simple as being mindful of the teaching opportunities that happen each and every day.

While we can not afford to have a membership to the local science museum, zoo, theme park, art museum, and sign-up for every offering at the civic center; we can afford to give our kids the experience found at some of these places.

For example: my kids love animals. So, to give them the experience of animals we do several things:

(1) We visit local pet shops (before or after the visit we study different animals via the internet or local library)

(2) We enjoy animal programming on cable TV.

(3) We enjoy nature and search for animals (small and big), then study their behaviors.

(4) We enjoy the animals of neighbors, and benefit from their expertise. The list goes on and on, and is limited only by the parent's time.

We treat all extra learning in the same way.

If the children get interested in Chinese or Mexican culture, we might do a little research, get the map out, contact some missionaries or friends we know that are part of that culture.

We might even splurge and take them out to a culturally themed restaurant and let the server know that the children are interested in the culture.

Many of them have been very gracious with our kids: teaching them customs and new foreign language vocabulary.

Home schooling need not be expensive, even when trying to give your kids all of the extras.

Next time there is a lightening storm just be ready to discuss history (Ben Franklin), science (electricity and decibels if it includes a thunder storm), math (how many strikes, how far away, etc), weather (what causes a storm), and whatever else the kids ask about the storm.

Do not be scared to say, "I do not know, let's look up the answer together after the storm."

The internet is a wonderful free place to research information.

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Jun 30, 2008
Great Tips, Tanya!
by: Heather

Tanya, I love how you have found other alternatives to spending money. You have discovered some simple ways to achieve field trip benefits without the cost.

You are also building relationships (socialization!) and benefiting from the expertise of others.

Thanks also for the reminder that as parents, we do not need to know everything to successfully educate our children at home.

We want to develop independent learners and teach/show our children how to learn, instead of creating dependent learners who need to be spoonfed.

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