Rod and Staff Math for Grades 1-8

by Dena

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I like Rod and Staff Math for elementary grades because it teaches every day, practical math skills using Biblical, concise, understandable, easy to teach lessons, with minimal teacher preparation. I've used this curriculum for eight years and have used all eight grade levels. Each grade builds upon the previous grade. However, each grade begins with a review of the previous grade and can be used independent of the previous and subsequent grades.

The student books for grades 3 to 8 are reusable textbooks. Grades 1 and 2 use consumable student workbooks, but the exercises could be done in a notebook. Students in grades 4 to 8 can do the lessons independently, if needed. The teacher's manuals contain lesson plans, copies of the student book, tests, and speed drills, with answers, and information to make your own teaching aids. I've made my own flashcards and other aids using the information provided in the teacher's manual and found it clear and easy to use. The teaching aids are not needed to teach the basic curriculum effectively, but I've found them to be helpful for those children who need more help with math.

The teacher's manuals and student books contain sufficient exercises for proper understanding and retention of the material taught in each lesson. All teacher's manuals, student books, test booklets, speed drill books, extra worksheets, flash cards, posters, and other teaching aids are available at affordable prices. The price of the teacher's manuals and student books for all eight grades combined is low compared to other comparable curriculum I've considered.

Great Rod and Staff Math review, Dena! Thanks for the helpful tips and well-written post. I appreciate the time you took to help others learn more about Rod and Staff's affordable math curriculum! Blessings, Heather :)

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Rod and Staff Math

by Joy
(Kansas City, Missouri, United States)

We have used Rod and Staff math grades 3 to 8 for our four children. The math books are hard cover and the children copied the problems into their notebooks with their answers. We didn't have to buy math books each year for all of the children, just the next grade up for the oldest child. This saved a lot of money.

I really like how each lesson contains a review of the previous lessons providing a good foundation. The price of each book, teacher manual, and extra test booklets were a reasonable cost and I am pleased with the quality. The drawback would be that the books are printed in black and white.

Hi Joy!
Thanks for sharing a Rod and Staff Math review; your thoughts are appreciated and helpful. Personally, I like the black and white books better, especially for math. The black and white printed books may be a deterent for some kids (inhibit their learning), yet for others, they could help them learn better. One of my children really liked black and white printed books with simple illustrations, as lots of color with colored photos was very distracting to her. Thanks again for sharing! Blessings, Heather :)

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