Robinson Curriculum Review

by Kristen

Do you fight with your kids to get them to do their schoolwork? This mom doesn't anymore! Read her Robinson Curriculum review...

This is my first year to homeschool my child. I had thoughts of doing it years ago but was too overwhelmed with having to teach all of my children (now 7) all of the subjects they needed. Then I stumbled onto a link for the Robinson Curriculum ( I watched the rather lengthy video and read some things on the site. The things that resonated with me the most are:

1-It is a self-teaching curriculum, the child learns to read, write and do basic math calculations from the parent, then the student is on his/her own. They learn math through Saxon math textbooks, they practice writing (first copy work, then essays), and they read a lot. My job as a parent is to teach the basics and then provide a good environment for my children to learn on their own and edit an essay each day.

2-The focus is on the basics of math, writing and reading. The students' minds aren't busied with much else unless they are interested. After they do their school work, they are free to explore and investigate what they are interested in. It is amazing how much a child can learn about a topic when it is something that they choose and are given good information in which to learn it.

3-It does not rely on computer-based/entertainment-driven learning. The child has a lot of books, written in rich language with which to learn such subjects as science, social studies, good morals, hard work, vocabulary and grammar. There is no formal teaching of these subjects, but they learn them through the stories they read.

4-The curriculum for kindergarten through high school graduation is sold on a set of discs for $195. I can use them for as many children as I want, for all of their schooling until college. It is very affordable.

I am currently homeschooling one child while the others finish this year in public school. I will begin homeschooling them all as soon as they get out for the summer. The child that is home now was having a lot of difficulty being able to sit and complete homework. I was having to chase him all over the house to finish, as he would sneak off every time I would turn around. He hated reading although he is very proficient in it. He had even begun having some honesty issues at school. In just five months, he has changed so much. He is finishing his work without sneaking off and trying to get out of it. He is loving his current writing assignment. And when I asked him what he likes about school, he responded that he likes the books (I was most worried about this, as he didn't like reading and the books in the curriculum are not as action/fantasy packed as most young boys like) and wants his dad to put more on the kindle.

There is a lot of printing for
the curriculum as a lot of the books are out of print. It is suggested that you purchase a nice laser jet printer. I have chosen not to bind each book, but print them in the booklet setting and punch holes. I store them in envelopes and put the book he is currently working on in his mini three ring binder. Some parents use ereaders so they don't have do as much printing. I have printed the vocabulary words and exercises and loaded them in sheet protectors so that he can do them with a sharpie and then use a dry erase marker to erase them so that I don't have to print so many copies. Some of the books are also available at our local library. I use spirals for his math and writing. So there are not many supplies that are needed to complete the assignments and clutter up my house.

The successes of Dr. Robinson's children is outstanding. I understand that not all children will have the same outcome, as some are not as strict with their schooling as he was. But I have also joined a Facebook group for this specific curriculum and I have seen that many others have been successful in college as a result of learning how to self teach. There is a lot of encouragement and advice as well as success stories.

Overall, I am very pleased with the change that has occurred in such a short time with my son. I am very excited to begin the journey with the other four. I like that I am not teaching all of the subjects and making lesson plans all of the time. I am able to take care of the little children and the house and he has much more time to be a child and learn what he wants. He is even learning how to play the piano and baseball, something that there was absolutely no time to do before. I am definitely no expert, but I have seen a difference with my son.

What a wonderful and enlightening Robinson Curriculum review, Kristen! Thanks so much for sharing some great reasons for choosing this curriculum, as well as how it has effected your son's learning, his demeanor, and has allowed him more time to pursue some of his interests. I appreciate the time you took to help others. Please visit again - your post was both very informative and enjoyable to read. Many blessings to you and your family, Heather :)

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