RightStart Mathematics Homeschool Convention Discount

by Heather (for RightStart)

Stretch your dollar further with a RightStart Mathematics homeschool convention discount...

RightStart Mathematics uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experience. The elementary and intermediate program lessons guide the teacher day-by-day and year-by-year, helping children understand, apply, and enjoy mathematics while surpassing state standards.

This unique hands-on program de-emphasizes counting, uses visualization of quantities, and provides strategies (visual pictures) for learning the facts. Understanding and problem solving are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

During the 2013 homeschool conference season, visit the RightStart Mathematics convention booth and receive: FREE shipping on all convention orders AND 10% discount on all orders over $100.

You will find RightStart Mathematics at the following conventions:
IDEA - Juneau, AK
TTD - Spartanburg, SC
OCHEA - Tulsa, OK
CHEP - St Charles, MO
INCH - Lansing, MI
CHAP - Harrisburg, PA
HAH - Arlington, TX
GHEA - Atlanta, GA
TTD - Nashville, TN
FWAHS - Ft Wayne, IN
MTHEA - Nashville, TN
FEAST - San Antonio, TX
FPEA - Orlando, FL
SCHE - Winston-Salem, NC
WICHEA - Oconomowoc, WI
IAHE - Indianapolis, IN
MCHE - St Paul, MN
LDSHE - Fredricksburg, VA
CHEA2 - Anaheim, CA
ICHE - Naperville, IL
HEAV - Richmond, VA
AHE - Montgomery, AL
CHEC - Denver, CO
AFHE - Phoenix, AZ
WHO - Puyallup, WA
CHEO - Akron, OH
IHM - Fredricksburg, VA
HERI - Jacksonville, FL
TRIUMPH - College Station, TX
CSTHEA - Chattanooga, TN
SHE - Atlanta, GA
THSC - The Woodlands, TX

Read some RightStart reviews to learn more about this homeschool math curriculum, or visit the RightStart website - rightstartmath.com to do some conference planning.

Find money and time-saving homeschool convention planning help - including downloadable planning and shopping worksheets!

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