Recycle Used Homeschool Workbooks and Save Money

by Cindy White
(La Verne, CA)

Used Homeschool Curriculum Ideas

Used Homeschool Curriculum Ideas

Check out some creative ideas to save money by reusing used homeschool workbooks, curriculum and other people's old magazines!

We had a very positive experience using homeschool workbooks that friends had already completed. I asked other homeschool moms for their children's used materials. Many times my daughters got to do work in these books because the pages were not completed. Sometimes we even had the teacher's editions. It was fun for my girls to try to do their work neater than someone else's completed work. It was also fun to correct errors. I was always available for their questions and was able to listen to their comments.

We also took full advantage of the libraries in the area. We supplemented their homeschool textbooks with nonfiction books from five public libraries in the area as well as books from our church. Do not forget to use science magazines. Ask to read neighbor's magazines too.

We often took breaks between lessons to listen to me read a book or just a chapter. They wanted to get their work done so I could read more of the book with them. Reading with your students is not just for the younger grades. You can make up memory clues to help them with their lessons. Books were like fun commercials for us. I made sure that I was available to read to them while they were eating their lunch or doing their daily morning and evening activities.

What a great way to save money and recycle still usable but used homeschool workbooks and curriculum, Cindy! I love the idea of marking the previous student's work and seeing if your children can do it neater – very creative! Blessings, Heather :)

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