Reasons Why I'm Interested in Home Schooling/Could We Hire a Teacher?

by Antonisha Elliott
(Holly Springs, NC, United States)

North Carolina Homeschool Questions and Help

North Carolina Homeschool Questions and Help

I'd like to be homeschooled, because I used to love school before I moved into Wake County. For me school was a loving environment and a positive experience. However, the school that I am currently attending is not the same. Everyday there's constantly fights, random class outbursts, students cussing out teachers, and just drama. The good thing about this is that I am in the 8th grade so I don't have to be here much longer; but I am an honors student. Never in my entire life had I received an F until I came here. I blame myself but at the same time I partly blame the school. They have absolutely no order and the kids are out of control and when I tell a teacher I can't hear or focus, apparently there's nothing they can do about it. I'm not at all used to that. The school I previously attended, I was placed in a certain class of students that were also honors and willing to learn so the kids in my class had all the same classes together (AVID PROGRAM), They don't have that here. So I as though the best option for me is to be homeschooled. The problem with that is my parents are constantly working or tired, so I was just curious as to could I have a teacher come in and

teach me during the process?

Hi Antonisha!
Yes, your parents could hire a tutor to teach or help you with your classes. Many homeschooled students take classes through a co-op or homeschool enrichment program. You would go to class once a week and then work independently throughout the week on your assignments. If you have questions, your teacher is available to answer them or provide additional help, etc. My teens took some of their high school courses through a co-op. It was helpful to me because I didn't have to remember chemistry, etc. if they needed extra help.

There are many homeschooling programs you can choose from; an umbrella school or full service program might be of interest to you and your parents. Some beneficial services they provide are: teacher support, transcript and record keeping, etc.

You can also find some good online courses or classes on DVD that are perfect for learning at home and do not require extensive time from parents.

For your reference, here is a summary of North Carolina homeschool laws, compliments of HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association).

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to post them.
Heather :)

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