Eight... Nine... Ten Reasons Why Homeschooling is Bad

Looking for some reasons why homeschooling is bad?

Critics can easily discourage you from homeschooling.

They spew homeschool myths like: your child won't be well-rounded, socialized, or accepted by colleges.

But to be honest with you, when I asked my family, including my teens, we couldn't think of anything that was really bad about homeschooling.

Sure there are inconveniences, but with the growth of home-based education, an increasing number of opportunities and resources abound for families and students, making the sacrificial commitment worthwhile.

But to help you make the best decision for your family, here are ten reasons why homeschooling may be "bad":

Homeschooling Takes Sacrifice

If you like to be comfortable, living without daily challenges, then homeschooling is not for you. Taking on the role of your child's teacher, stretches you beyond your imagination.

You will do things you never thought you could, and go beyond where you thought you would give up... like teaching high school or schooling multiple grades at one time, while keeping a toddler or baby happy.

Homeschooling Takes Work

Homeschooling is not for the faint-hearted; it takes work – both mentally, and physically, and you probably won't get too many days off; definitely another reason why homeschooling is bad.

Homeschooling Takes Self-discipline

To homeschool your child/ren successfully, you have to have some measure of self discipline. Our children look to us as examples and if you lack self-discipline, they will too. Makes for a very l-o-n-g school day!

The Educational Buck Stops with You!

Remember the quote, "The buck stops here!", often used by US president Harry Truman?

When you homeschool your children, you take full responsibility of your child's education.

You oversee all aspects of their education – everything from planning the school year, ordering educational resources, and organizing field trips, to finding any needed enrichment activities, teaching daily lessons, and marking schoolwork. 

Kids, Kids, Kids... 24/7!

When you homeschool your kids, your kids are around you all day. They will be with you, around you, near you, beside you, in front of you, behind you, holding onto you, hanging on you, 24/7 – well almost! I happen to not mind the inconvenience of having little (or big-little) people around me all day, but some parents tell me that it would drive them crazy.

Measuring Success is Hard

When you homeschool, much of the time you really don't know how other homeschooled students are doing, causing worry for some.

It's tempting to use other student's progress as a gauge for how our children are doing.

If our kids aren't doing as well as some, we're failing. If our kids are doing better than others, we're succeeding.

Although home educators do help and support each other, we don't often sit down (actually we never sit down!) and discuss marks and grades and how "Johnny" gets perfect scores on all his tests.

Little or No Government Assistance

If your child has special learning needs, you may or may not be able to get assistance like children enrolled in regular public or private school. You will also not receive any financial aid for homeschooling, although in some states your homeschool supplies may be tax deductible.

Running Here. Running There.

As a homeschool parent, you will spend extra time and money taking your child to extra-curricular activities. More time? More money? Your "Reasons why homeschooling is bad" list just got longer!

Public schools offer a plethora of activities, clubs, and teams, all in one place. Homeschooling parents may travel miles to bring their kids to and from practices, games and enrichment classes each week. 

Less Time for You

If you have personal ambitions that you want to follow, homeschooling may not allow you to pursue all your dreams, and goals in life.

As a homeschool parent you sacrifice your time and pursuits so you have the time to devote to your kids and their education.

Going Against the Norm

Sometimes your homeschool decision won't be popular with your extended family or some close friends.

Not receiving the support you want or hearing encouraging words from those you love may be a couple more reasons why homeschooling is bad. You may always feel like you have to prove something to them.

Remember though... getting support from your family is nice; but you can still successfully homeschool your kids without it. You will find lots of help and guidance from many other friends and homeschoolers, online and off; you won't feel completely alone.

Homeschooling Headaches

You may forget everything you learned in school and feel stressed.

Algebra, insubordinate clauses, Pythagorean theorem, participle phrases, punctuation rules, gravitational laws of physics and the like, can make your poor head ache. Having to remember how to do everything could definitely be on your list of reasons why homeschooling is bad!

But have no fear, homeschooling groups are near! You will find many qualified individuals, in your community, who can help you with any teaching difficulty you will encounter.

More Reasons Why Homeschooling is Bad?

Yes, there may be more reasons why homeschooling is bad. However, despite the inconveniences and obstacles, many brave parents take up the challenge to homeschool, and enjoy the many benefits of homeschooling and the fruit of their labor. 

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