Three Reasons Not to Homeschool

While anti-homeschoolers could list many reasons not to homeschool your children, most reasons are not truly legitimate. 

For example: some people say that your child won't be socialized properly if you homeschool; others say that your child won't get accepted into college.

Both of these "reasons" are myths... homeschooled students successfully apply and get accepted at colleges around the nation, including Ivy League schools!

Homeschooled families are also very active in their local communities in a variety of ways; socialization is more than spending hours and hours in a classroom full of kids the same age.

Reasons NOT to Homeschool

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Reasons Not to Homeschool

Each family must decide for themselves if home-based education is the right choice. For me, the decision process was a difficult one; I had lots of reasons why I shouldn't homeschool, but in the end, they were only excuses.

Most homeschooling hindrances can be overcome, but depending on you or family's circumstances there may be some valid reasons not to homeschool.

1. Unwillingness to Sacrifice

Home education is a full-time job that requires your constant attention and complete devotion. If you are not willing to take on the full responsibility of educating your children and all that entails, then perhaps homeschooling is not for you.

Although parents use many creative ways to homeschool their children – working around job schedules, utilizing online resources, family-style learning, homeschool co-ops, etc., you will need to take a very active roll as overseer of your child’s education and development.

Homeschooling takes self-sacrifice.

Home educators sacrifice much – time, careers, money, etc. to raise their families and make sure their children get the best education possible. If you aren't willing to put your children's needs before your own, then maybe you should find another educational avenue for your family.

2. Uncommitted

If you are not completely sold on the idea of homeschooling, you should not homeschool your children. You will encounter difficult moments and sometimes seasons in your homeschooling journey; if you are not 100% committed to this endeavor, chances are you will give up and quit.

You must be sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the decision to homeschool is the right one for your family.

If you are not convinced that homeschooling is right for your family, you will constantly question yourself, or believe the pessimism of others. You may constantly look for reasons not to homeschool, or make excuses to convince yourself why you should quit.

It's hard to ignore the negativity of others if you don't believe you are making the best decision for your children.

3. Unsupportive Spouse

If your spouse does not want you to homeschool, then it may be better not to go against their wishes. Homeschooling can be trying at times and if one parent does not agree with it or provide the needed support, then arguments and stressful situations can arise.

The parent who is doing the homeschooling may feel like they always need to prove to their spouse that they are doing a good job, especially if the unsupportive spouse constantly questions what they are doing. Some spouses require their children undergo testing each year to make sure they are keeping up with others their own age.

It's easy to become resentful of someone who constantly looks over your shoulder, or thinks the children aren't learning enough, or wonders if you are doing a good job.

If you and your spouse don't see eye-to-eye on this educational path, it's best to not go down it until you both are in agreement.

If you and your spouse don't see eye-to-eye on this educational path, it's best to not go down it until you both are in agreement.

I've seen people change, so never give up if home education is your heart's desire, but not your spouse's.

Other Reasons Not to Homeschool

Some other reasons for not homeschooling may be a difficult family situation, or maybe you just don't have peace about it. Perhaps for some families or children, homeschooling may not be the best decision. However, it's a wonderfully rewarding option every parent should consider. Just make sure your reasons for not homeschooling are really reasons, and not just excuses. 

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