Ray's Arithmetic Homeschooling Math Curriculum

by Rachel Ramey
(Virginia, USA)

Homeschooling Math with Ray's Arithmetic

Homeschooling Math with Ray's Arithmetic

We like Ray's Arithmetic for homeschooling math because it uses time-tested learning methods (moving from concrete to abstract, with lots of real-life problems to solve) and is very cost-effective. The single set of non-consumable texts, which we purchased for about $70, will last from the beginning of elementary school through about 8th grade.

The early lessons intentionally teach the patterns of numbers and addition so children will internalize mathematical concepts. (If 6 + 2 = 8, then 6 + (one more than 2) = (one more than 8).)

There are no flashy colored pictures (perhaps a downside for some, but a boon to others!), and no fancy manipulatives are required. Any set of objects that can be counted will serve. At our house we use half-size "popsicle" sticks, because they stack easily, can be rubber-banded together in tens, and present less of a choking hazard to younger siblings than dry beans do.

The only real drawback I see to these texts is that, because they were written in the mid-1800's, they do not effectively address time concepts, or the use of our modern money and measurements. Since these are easily supplemented - and easily taught through everyday use - we have not found this to be a real issue.

If you do choose to use these homeschooling math books, you will probably want to take a look at Ruth Beechick's teacher's guide, which suggests grade levels, supplemental activities, etc.

Thanks for reviewing Ray's Arithmetic, Rachel! Your comments are very informative and helpful; I appreciate your thoughts. Blessings, Heather :)

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