Quizzy's World Homeschool Testing Discount

by Heather

Easily help your child study better and improve their homeschool testing scores and skills. Qwizzy's World is a unique online study site designed for PreK through 8th grade students, to help alleviate testing anxiety and build confidence.

You can create custom homeschool tests and quizzes from your homeschooling materials with different formats (true and false, multiple choice, open ended, etc.) with instant scoring.

If you like Quizzy's World, you can save with an money-saving homeschool discount through PEAH.

Wait a minute! What is better than a Quizzy's World homeschool testing discount? How about a free Quizzy's World subscription!

As of March 2012, Qwizzy's World is absolutely free!

Learn more about QuizzysWorld.com and how you can improve your student's test-taking skills by watching the short video below...

Does your child have testing anxiety? Find some simple solutions to ease your child's anxiety when taking homeschool tests or assessments.

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