Questions About Abeka Homeschool Curriculum and My Father's World

by Renee Young
(Savannah, TN USA)

Abeka Homeschool Curriculum vs My Father's World

Abeka Homeschool Curriculum vs My Father's World

New homeschooling mom wants to know the difference between Abeka homeschool curriculum and My Father's World. Can you help?

I am brand new to homeschooling. I have a seven year old in private Christian school in first grade and a four year old who is still home with me. I am going to homeschool this coming school year, and I am quickly learning that it will not be easy to pick a curriculum. I thought I may go with Abeka homeschool curriculum, but now I am leaning toward My Fathers World. HELP!!! Thanks!

Hi Renee!
Welcome to the wonderful world of homeschooling, and choosing homeschool curriculum! :)

Abeka homeschool curriculum is traditional curriculum, much like the curriculum you used when you were in school. My daughter used Abeka curriculum when she was in private school for kindergarten and part of first grade.

Abeka moves along quite quickly in subjects like Math. Typically schools cover a topic for a couple weeks and move on to a new one (whether the student has learned it or not). This method of teaching can be good, or it can be a problem depending on the student. With homeschooling it shouldn't be much of a problem because you can spend extra time on areas where your child needs more attention.

With curriculum like Abeka, your core subjects usually aren't related to each other. In other words, the social studies or history courses have nothing to do with the language arts or science curriculum. Each subject can be studied independently from another.

My Father's World, on the other hand, is a unit study curriculum that can be used for multiple ages or grades and all subjects are interrelated. It also uses a mix of the Charlotte Mason and classical learning approach, which is quite different from Abeka.

Both Abeka homeschool curriculum and My Father's World are biblically based.

Although I have never used My Father's World, I personally would choose it over Abeka because of the teaching method. Unit studies are a great way for children to learn, especially when all subjects relate to each other. Hands-on learning also allows children to experience what they are learning instead of just reading and memorizing facts or information.

As a mother of multiple children, I like unit study curriculum (especially for younger children) because it best utilizes my time. I can teach all or most of my children together, instead of teaching one child at a time. With family learning, little ones can join in and learn along side older children, even though they may be too young to do all of the "work".

I started homeschooling when my girls were eight and four. The four year old would listen to everything I did with her older sister. Sometimes she would join in and do the different activities, other times she would play quietly in the room where we were. She always knew exactly what her sister was learning though; I would often hear her at night telling her dad everything her sister learned that day. :)

For new homeschoolers with young children, I always recommend curriculum that is relaxing, fun and easy-to-use.

Hope this helps! Maybe others will post their insight as well.

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May 17, 2010
Don't panic!
by: Shannon

When I started homeschooling, I was overwhelmed with the choices. We finally settled on one thing and realized it wasn't working for us. Over the years, we have tweaked, massaged, and completely overhauled our plan. Amazingly enough, our kids are no worse for the wear. Remember that what works for one kid may not work for the other, and don't be afraid to change midstream. The beauty of homeschooling is being able to really see how your kids learn and adjust accordingly. I also suggest starting out on ebay, amazon, etc to find used books to help keep the costs down. You feel much less guilty abandoning an ineffective curriculum if you hadn't already spend a small fortune on new stuff. Have fun, and happy homeschooling!

Aug 02, 2013
Suggest You Also Weigh The Merits of ABeka Long_Term
by: Dr Joe

Hello Renee and Shannon!

Heather was very kind to me several months ago, when I was pondering a way to contribute to homeschooling. Thanks to her suggestions, my site is now up!

Heather displayed similar kindness to you, Renee, when you asked about ABeka and My Father's World. She provided a good basic comparison of both.

I would add to Heather's remarks about ABeka. Having reviewed ABeka for high school use, I would say it is a strong offering but also add a word of caution. I would point out that it presents its "government studies" material (history and economics) from a political point of view (bias)--"Neoconservatism"-- that is essentially that of the Republican Party leadership. But there are several other credible, alternative views or biases among those in the center and right of politics. Also that dominant view today differs in some substantial, very important ways with the views of Americans for much of our history.

Suggest you take a look at my article of yesterday (August 1, 2013)--The Crisis In Christian Government Studies--published by

It is not too soon to ponder the long-term teaching in US History and related subjects that your children could receive. If it were my children, I would want them exposed to a broad range of perspectives or biases. Let them decide for themselves which is best--once they are far along in college.

All the best!
Dr Joe

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