Public School to Homeschool Questions

by Gaynell Williamson
(United States)

Overwhelmed mom has some public school to homeschool questions and concerns...

Because of a cacophony of problems, my son is failing his sophomore year of school. He had surgery in December, and has taken a long time to recover. The school wants to hold him back. This is not an option for us. We were told he needed to go to an 'accredited' school in order to return to public school next year.

I already home school my middle son (14), who has Aspbergers. He is on a different path, and is happy to be at home. My problem is that I am disabled, my husband works almost 80 hours a week to keep a roof over our head, and I can't imagine the extra expense of A Beka. Are there any other options? I have an auto-immune disease that has destroyed my spine, and in August, I lost the ability to walk. I just mention that to let you know that our family has been under a tremendous amount of stress. I'm just desperate.

My son likes school, but he refuses to let them flunk him. If you look at his grades, the days he is at school, he has 100's. The day's he is absent, he has zero's, even though he was supposed to have a 'home bound' teacher ferrying his work back and forth.

I don't mind home schooling him, other than concern that he will be depressed, I'm worried about the 'accreditation' aspect of it.

For my Aspie, we just order a packet of books and work from there.

Sorry to ramble, I'm overwhelmed and frustrated.

Thank You,
Gay Nell Williamson

Hi Gay,
Your son still has lots of time to complete his sophomore year at home. An affordable option is Alpha Omega LifePacs. AOP offers diagnostic tests that your son can take, so you will know exactly where he will be in their curriculum. This allows you to
only purchase the Lifepacs that he needs, saving you money and time. He has already completed four months or so of 10th grade - you don't need to purchase those worktexts if he has already mastered the work. AOP Lifepac curriculum (and Switched-on Schoolhouse software) is self-directed, which means your son can complete his work with minimal involvement from you.

Courses are written to the student, so they can work independently and don't have to rely on an adult or parent to teach them the lessons. You would oversee and monitor his work, etc. but it sounds like your son is self-motivated and I think he would do well.

I don't recommend AOP's math - I think there are better options available: Teaching Textbooks, TabletClass Math, etc. If your son does well in math, he will probably do well with any curriculum. One of my daughters did better in math when lessons were taught to her. When she was in high school, I had two young children and did not have time to teach her math lessons every day, so we used curriculum with video or online lessons.

Other resources and options to look at:
HippoCampus - offers free online courses for high school/college.
Khan Academy -

Other free homeschool curriculum resources: (Charlotte Mason curriculum)

Other parents may post other resources for you to check out. If you have any other questions, or need anything else, do not hesitate to ask!

P.S. Regarding your accreditation question, I am not sure what state you live in, so can't look up your homeschool laws and requirements. I have found that schools don't always know their state's homeschool laws and requirements; they may be requiring something that isn't stated in their laws. I would check your state's laws and, if different than what you were told, print out a copy for your son's school, should you decide to re-enroll him next year.

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