Problems With Homeschooling High School Teens

by Laurie
(Manchester NH.... US)

Problems with Homeschooling High School

Problems with Homeschooling High School

I can relate to the woman who feels hopeless about homeschooling. We have six children; one in college full time, one in a local college, and four more at home. We have run into what I consider a pretty "serious" situation regarding homeschooling. Two things in particular are at the top of our problem list. I do not know how to rectify it, or if it's even possible.

Our second daughter, the one in part time school, was actively recruited for D-1 sports. She had a dismal SAT (primarily in math) so that ruled that out. Despite what people say the SAT seems to be everything. She is a 4.0 at the local college. By the time she had graduated highschool she was co-captain of her track team, all-state athlete, and won many awards. Mostly she is a "quiet" leader; the coaches loved her because she was an example by her humble attitude and hard work ethic, never mind the awards.

She is a self taught artist, sings in nursing homes, and works with developmentally disabled children on riding horses, as a volunteer. She cannot get into a four year college. She had a 3.31 GPA, but because of being homeschooled and her SAT no one really cares. We probably should have had her tutored, but we never had the money.

Now onto our real problem; we have a son, who basically has given up. Once he saw what his sister went through, with not being able to get in anywhere he just gave up. He actually runs track for the highschool and plays varsity baseball for them as well. He is just beyond discouraged. He is a junior now, and is so unmotivated, because he feels like it is pointless, and hopeless. He has been tutored in math for all three years of high school, and he is still behind because he just has a hard time with math.

My husband also lost his job, and so the kids are very worried, so on top of his own personal discouragement, we have this looming over us...loss of house, etc. He does blame us for keeping him homeschooled. He feels that he would have been better off in school.

Unfortunately we live in a city school area, in one of those failing schools districts. Almost all of his "friends" do drugs, and many of them don't care about school at all. I really do not think that the environment in there would be good for him. I think it would be just too easy to not care even more than he doesn't already.

He is not very academic. He really is not, and "education" borders obsession today, meaning all of life revolves around it. If you are "body" smart, or very artistic, but can't pass the SAT everything you are good at will just be put on the shelf. He is not super competitive except in sports. He shines there, but now he is even discouraged there because he knows he will never get into a college to even play ball, if his SAT is not good. I just wonder if there is anyone out there who has a child like this. He is 17, and wants to go to highschool for his senior year. He would still have to be tutored in math. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks!

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May 05, 2010
College isn't "IT" anymore
by: Lola

First, I would read this post (by marketer Seth Godin) and have your kids read it too.

College is simply not the be-all-end-all of education anymore.

If your son truly does want to go to college, point him in the right direction and then let him do the work. A couple of SAT test prep books (from the library, since money is tight) and some diligent time spent studying should really help.

After all, as you well know from your years of studying, getting a good score on a test is more about testing skills than actual knowledge.

You are probably right that sending your son to public school at this point would not be beneficial. He just needs to see that there truly is hope, and you can help him to see that.

As for your daughter, she will be getting a college degree at the fraction of the cost of a major university, and probably similar quality (see the post I linked to above).

Another option for your son is online classes; most colleges and universities offer them and again, for a fraction of the cost of attending school.

May 05, 2010
Problems with Homeschooling
by: Heather

Hi Laurie,
I agree with Lola, "College isn't the be-all-end-all of education anymore". It's one thing for you as a parent to believe it, it's another for our kids - they need to believe it too.

My teen just completed an SAT prep class and she learned that it isn't about how much you know, but how you take the test. She said it's a logic and time-management test. She learned many "tricks" to help her know how to take the test; there are easy ways to improve your SAT test score.

The College Board (the creators of the SAT) provide some free ways to practice and study for the SAT on their website. Check out this College Board link and then look in your library for some of the resources they sell. My daughter signed up to receive a practice SAT question a day; you will also find a practice test on their website too.

There are many creative ways to get a college degree affordably. It's actually easier to get into a four-year college once you take classes at a local community college. Your daughter should apply again.

As far as being homeschooled hindering college admissions, that is false. There are many colleges who want homeschooled students because they know how to learn independently and exhibit good character qualities, etc.

On a personal note, we had some struggles with ouroldest and things do work out. Instead of completing our homeschool high school program, she took her GED and then worked for a year. During the year she worked, she took the ACT's, applied to the school she wanted to go to and got accepted. Some colleges only want kids who are the smartest, but many great colleges also look for well-rounded students who are passionate about what they want to do in life; who will benefit the school and the student body.

Laurie, I hope this helps. Hang in there and don't give up. Your public school doesn't sound like the best option for your son - it may do more harm then good. My oldest went to public high school for a year after being homeschooled since first grade. She went in a year ahead (most of her core classes were review for her) and ended up at the end of the year a half year behind in our curriculum (we noticed it most in Math). We were very disappointed with the experience and homeschooled her again the following year.


May 05, 2010
helpful websites
by: Christine

Here is some information on homeschooling and colleget that you may find helpful. You may also want to consider enrolling your high schoolers in a SAT or ACT prep course if they do not traditionally test well. If you have transcripts for their high school credits and your children take the SAT/ACT, you should be on level ground with every other college applicant! Good luck.

This link is to a book that I borrowed from a friend of mine and it has everything you need to know...and then some!

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