Preschool Homeschooling Curriculum

by Annie Griswold
(Republic, Missouri)

Homeschool mom recommends some hands-on preschool homeschooling curriculum to use with your little ones...

Hi, I'm Annie, and I'm a fairly new homeschool-teaching Mama. However, I've begun preschool homeschooling with my precious little one, and wanted to share some of the curriculum that we are using this year and will be continuing to use.

First, for Language Arts, we are using the book "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy lessons" By Siegfried Engelmann, Phyllis Haddox and Elaine Bruner. Also, daily we say/sing the ABC's and do other various Language Arts activities to foster the learning of language, spelling, grammar, phonics, etc...

For Math, we are using a lot of Manipulatives because my child is a very kinesthetic learner. We are using the book "Math Play!" (Williamson Little Hands Series) by Diane McGowan, Mark Schrooten and Loretta Trezzo Braren. We will use the book "Preschool Math" - by Robert Williams as an additional mathematics resource as well.

For Science, we are using: "Science Play" (Little Hands!)(ages 2-6) by Jill Frankel Hauser and Michael P. Kline.

We will also learn about various Social Studies topics, ranging from Families, traditions, other cultures, places (Geography), and history. I don't currently have a curriculum book on that, but have planned some activities for my child to do while learning about those things.

I use the internet a lot when planning for school, because there are just so many resources. It's wonderful, and so helpful!

Thanks for sharing some great preschool homeschooling resources with others, Annie! Blessings, Heather :)

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