Piano Wizard Academy Review

by Celeste Anderson
(Sherwood, OR, USA)

Our 6 year old playing a level one song

Our 6 year old playing a level one song

I recently ordered the Piano Wizard Academy for our four children through the Sonlight website. All four of them were really excited to get it out of the box and hook it up to our computer. They are ages 12, 11, 6 and 4. They used it like a game at first, but in doing that, they were already transferring what they learned to the real piano in our home. I was happy to see how it sparked their interest and desire to learn more.

I haven't gone through the DVDs for the "music coach", but I am sure that they will help me to use the program to the maximum. I like this curriculum for many reasons.

First of all, it is helpful for learning. I have heard that children who learn music are better at math. I also like this program because all of our children will be able to use it as well as ourselves. I like the "play first then learn to read" notes approach. I remember not really liking piano lessons as a child because my teacher was so stern about me hitting the right note. With Piano Wizard, my children can challenge themselves to improve their overall score each time they play a piece.

Another thing I like about Piano Wizard, is that it makes teaching the children to play the piano and to read music affordable. For less than $500, all four, will be able to play. Once they complete the entire coursework, it will be the equivalent of them each receiving 2 years of piano instruction. To get all four into piano lessons, it would cost so much more than that! Then if they want to further their studies in music, we can look into that later. So far I am really pleased with what Piano Wizard Academy offers our family.

Wow! Cool review of Piano Wizard Academy, Celeste; thanks so much for sharing your experience with this program. I love the picture of your six year old son using this program! Blessings, Heather :)

Learn more about Piano Wizard Academy by visiting their website.

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