Phonics Factory Homeschool Reading Programs

by Abigail D.
(Indiana, PA)

K-2 Fun Homeschool Reading Programs

K-2 Fun Homeschool Reading Programs

Teaching your child to read? Finding fun homeschool reading programs that work makes the learning-to-read process easier...

Fun Phonics homeschool reading programs work. I used this to teach my two sons how to read and am currently using it on my 3rd. There are fourteen lessons in each book; all told that when mastered the child can read self sufficiently. There is a CD to listen to for each lesson and to follow along with in your book.

The Phonic Factory homeschool reading programs include a workbook, letter tiles, games, colorful alphabet poster, readers and a handy plastic case for carrying.

After I saw how it worked, I started it with my two year old; we go at our own pace and he's already mastered lesson 1. My oldest son, nine, is reading at a 9th grade level with no other "formal" reading curriculum. He used Phonics Factory for pre-school through 1st grade. They enjoyed the pictures and stories from the CD as well as working in the activity book with crayons.

Abigail, thanks for sharing this wonderful learn-to-read resource; it's much appreciated. Blessings, Heather

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