Pfeiffer House 1st Grade Homeschool Music Curriculum

by Jo

This year I decided to go out on a limb and teach music. I have no musical background to work from. I found Pfeiffer House. When it arrived we couldn't wait for school to start before testing it out. My boys both enjoyed singing the first song. In fact it's the nearest to on tune I have ever heard my six year old sing.

So far I have read the first few lessons, skimmed the rest, and listened to the cd. I am confident that that we will all learn much this year in terms of music! We are excited to use this curriculum - it looks like a great fit for this not so musical teacher.

At $23.00 it's not very expensive and does not seem to require outside materials to make it work. There are only 14 lessons but they are meant to be split up over several days and some of the material can be repeated.

Wow! What an affordable and easy-to-use homeschool music resource, Jo; thanks for sharing with all us "non-musical" parents! Blessings, Heather :)

Enrich your child's education and improve learning with home school music! Find affordable ways to bring the study of music into your home.

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