Perfect Pick for Homeschooling Autism: Singapore Math

by Lesley Salvati
(Wrightwood, CA USA)

Homeschooling Autism Success!

Homeschooling Autism Success!

Singapore math curriculum gets "two thumbs up" from this happy mom! Thin books, colorful pages, and quick lessons, makes homeschooling autism easier...

The Singapore homeschool math curriculum is awesome to begin with for young students. It teaches basic math skills, building upon what you've already learned.

The chapters go fast, but there are several pages in the workbooks to ensure promptness and accuracy. The first year books (Kindergarten, Grades 1, 2, 3) are all split into levels A & B for each grade. My sons enjoyed the achievement of completing level A mid-year!

We celebrated especially for our "anti-math" son, who is also autistic. We used an abacus along with the Singapore Math for him and he is now a grade ahead of his age level, with one of his favorite subjects being Math!

I've used Singapore Math for three years, entering into my 4th. The pages are colorful, topics are repeated and built upon, it's comprised of small, thin books - not heavy textbooks. Singapore is cost effective (about $8.00 per book) and some can be found in your homeshool programs' library. Singapore provides just enough math problems to understand each concept; it's definitely not busy-work.

I hope you'll give it a try!

Lesley, what a wonderful review, and such a great story! Parents, who are looking for products or help with homeschooling autism, will certainly find your input beneficial. Thanks for sharing! Heather :)

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