Partial Home Schooling Question?

by Haley
(Greensboro, NC, US)

Struggling public school teen asks about partial home schooling...

Well, lately I have been having serious issues in school. It started in the Eighth grade on January 7th, I suddenly start having horrid headaches. (I now know that it is a Persistent recurring headache disorder that is difficult to treat.) It was to the point where I was bedridden for months. I was finally put in home school; I didn't do so hot because I was so behind. I didn't have clue how to do the algebra work I was given either. As a Freshmen I tried hard to get through school; but the day was too long for me and I found it difficult to make it through the day or even go to school. Teachers and administration thought I was just plain lazy or was being rebellious and didn't want to go to school or class. I tried countless times to get in touch with the councilor, but my effort was in vain. Eventually my Grandmother came down to the school to see if something could be done and a 504 was put in place. I was added to the special populations. As part of the 504 I was allowed to wear head phones (My school is loud and rowdy) and listen to music and go to the library if class was too rowdy or loud and complete my work. However every time I went out in the hall I was dragged down to the office. My head phones were a violation of the electronics and SMOD rule apparently. Eventually the principle even told me I was no longer able to go to the library to try and complete my work. I was extremely frustrated at this point. So I had my Doctor sign my home school papers and gave the papers to the councilor. I waited at home for weeks for a response the home school teacher. I figured something had to have gone wrong and and a call to the school. It turns out that the councilor had lost the home school papers. I was frustrated that he hadn't informed us of this and just let me sit home while my grades and attendance went down the toilet. So we had everyone re-sign the home school papers and we delivered the papers to home school office. So again I didn't do so hot because I started home school so late. My home school teacher also had difficulty getting work from the school.

Now I am a Sophomore (I managed to scrape by somehow), things are better with my situation but I'm still having some of the same issues. The school day is too long for me. I go to the library but again I'm having difficulty getting work from a few of my teachers, mean while other have been nothing but helpful. I would re-enter home school. But I need to be in some of my classes to do well and thrive. For example my Art 3 class and Algebra 2. I am no math wiz and this is why I'm reluctant to re-enter home school. Is there such as partial home school? Is it even legal in my state? I have no clue and have no idea who to turn to. With all the issues I have been having with my school one would think I would just transfer. However the art program is the only reason I
want to stick around; I definitely want to take IB and AP art. I'm worried for my education, my uncle insists I just get my GED, however I want to Graduate. Please help I'm unsure of what to do.

Hi Haley,
Thanks for taking the time to post your story to my website. I am sure there are others who are in a similar situation as you and will find your post helpful.

Regarding your partial home schooling question as to whether you would have access to public school classes if you choose to homeschool, some states and districts allow homeschooled students to take classes, while others do not. According to HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association), "North Carolina does not have a law granting homeschooled students the right to participate in public school classes and activities; thus, the individual schools and schools districts have the authority to decide whether to allow homeschooler participation. Policies often vary from district to district. Students wishing to participate in public school classes or activities should contact their local school for information regarding their district's policy." (Read a brief summary of North Carolina's homeschool laws.)

So, you would need permission from your school or district to take classes. Many schools allow homeschooled students to take classes; I would definitely ask, if I were you.

If you choose to homeschool high school, you will find a lot of affordable homeschool curriculum designed for independent learning. There are numerous math programs and courses that are taught by teachers via online or dvd. You watch the lessons and then complete the work. Most interactive courses go through the answers, so you can see your mistakes. Although not free, the monetary investment is worth it, and your life will be much less stressful. You can find a lot of used homeschool curriculum that other homeschool families are done with – purchasing used will help you save some money.

Some interactive math courses I recommend are:
TabletClass Math (My daughter used TabletClass Math for Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry. She's not a math-whiz either and did very well with this program.)
Teaching Textbooks (I have not personally used Teaching Textbooks, but know many people who do. I have also checked it out at a local homeschool convention so I could learn more about it. You will find lots of Teaching Textbooks reviews on my site too.)
VideoText Interactive (I have not personally used this math program, but have friends who do. I also spent some time at a convention learning more about this program; I liked it!)

You can also find a lot of free online high school courses - including math, at

Another option you will want to look into is taking your math classes at a homeschool co-op or enrichment program. You would go to class once a week and then complete lessons at home on your own. I am not sure if there are groups in your area. You could easily find out by asking someone at your library.

I understand that graduating from high school is an important milestone for you. Some homeschool groups offer homeschool graduation ceremonies. My second oldest daughter graduated from high school last year. You will find out about her homeschool graduation, as well as affordable and creative homeschool graduation ideas on my website.

I hope I have helped you! Wishing you many blessings as you decide which path to take.
Heather :)

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Oct 12, 2015
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by: Parni

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