Partial Home Schooling Question: My Public School Sucks!

by Sarah
(Wisconsin, USA)

Partial Home Schooling Question

Partial Home Schooling Question

Concerned teen is wondering about partial home schooling. Can you share some advice?

After 3 years in school, i have finally decided that im so sick of the people that run my school. I missed over half of my chem class, all the very important notes that i need, all because the VP wanted to tell me that I was in the Parking Permit Drawing and didn't get a parking spot. Talk about pointless! This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Whenever i need to talk to the school's counselor, i never get a reply or when i do get a response, it's 2 months later when the problem is solved. I love the teachers to death, they are the only reason I'm still here. And of course my amazing friends, but my best friend is home schooled. She's the reason why i started thinking about this. It's going to be my senior year next year and i was wondering about partial home schooling. would that be a good idea?

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Sep 03, 2015
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by: Soosy

It is true that many of the public schools do not offer proper education to our children. But this does not mean that all the schools are bad. There are good schools and there are bad schools. But I have never heard of a bad home school. NFL tee shirts

Oct 01, 2015
Schooling NEW
by: Anonymous

Home schooling is a good option to some extent but has to be done with a lot of sincerity. However, there are many sources like essay on-time service suggesting the atrocities of schools which is making students to drop out from schools. However, there are good schools and bad schools, if the same teachers would attend to you then you can definitely select home schooling.

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